Activism or Intimidation? Protestors Threaten Historic Rainier Valley Bakery

A historic Seattle bakery has been targeted by a group of protestors who claim the owner has unfair labor practices.

Borracchini’s Bakery has been located in the Rainier Valley for nearly 90 years, and owner Remo Borracchini said his customers have become like family. Which is why when he started to get complaints that an employee was being rude to customers, he decided to let her go.

“I said, ‘We can’t do this anymore, we just can’t do this anymore,” Borracchini said. “She said, ‘You mean I’m fired?’ I said, ‘Yes, you are.'” More.

25 comments on “Activism or Intimidation? Protestors Threaten Historic Rainier Valley Bakery

  1. Wrong way to handle it. Maybe she knew she wouldn’t get any traction through legal channels, so she opted to send thugs to bully an old man?

    If there really *was* a problem, why didn’t she report it last year… or three years ago… or six years ago… or nine years ago?

  2. This is an unacceptable way to deal with an allegation. There are proper channels that have not been used to address this, and it is unacceptable for the ex-employee or this group of “protestors” to harass this business in this manner without first going through a civil, mutually respectful complaint resolution process. Grow up people!

  3. Good points Tiffany. Borricchini’s is a Valley treasure—something we have that the rest of the city doesn’t. I’d hate to see them lose business because of this.

  4. Pay up or we’ll shut you down? Sounds like a certain group of East Coast legitimate businessmen.

  5. From what I’m seeing, it’s getting them more “support” business. I’ll have to put this in my “nice PR moves” folder.

  6. I don’t know… I’m thinking a cookie sounds good right about now… This is one of my favorite places.

  7. Just ordered a cake I hadn’t previously planned on ordering…I think maybe ill get some cookies too! =0)

  8. This is an unacceptable way to deal with an allegation. If there is a justifiable case, there are legal channels the woman can pursue like the rest of our civilized society would. The way this was handled undermines the validity of the claim and it is unacceptable for the ex-employee or this group of thuggishly disrespectful “protestors” to harass this business in this manner. Seasol has dropped the ball on this one, blindly and belligerently taking action on unsubstantiated claims without hearing both sides of the story. As a result, whatever good they have done in the past is now tainted by the bad press they have brought upon themselves. Next time, I hope Seasol can get more facts and spend more time objectively evaluating a situation before scheming their next attack. Extortion is a crime and anyone involved in this attempt should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As Seattle citizens, we should not stand for this type of childish behavior.

  9. A classic case of ‘ready-fire-aim’ on the part of SeaSol. I love the arrogance of the SeaSol representative during the interview: “I think we can abandon this line of inquiry.” Indeed. Had the interviewer continued it, there might have been a sudden outbreak of truth and common sense.

    SeaSol might want to exercise caution on the scope and intensity of their ‘protest’, as there is a fine line between exercising free speech, and extortion. I’m sure Borracchini has already investigated his options regarding legal ways to deal with unwarranted intimidation.

    Y’know — I haven’t been into the place in a long time. My waistline simply doesn’t need yet another pie, cake, cookie or maple bar. But…I’m feeling a slight hankerin’ for a lovely, fresh pastry. Perhaps this weekend…

  10. Morons. There are more acceptable and appropriate ways to get your point across. Bullying is not the way. I’ll be showing my support Saturday but buying a cake.

  11. It really does sound like extortion. Those Seattle Solidarity people should be ashamed of themselves. I for one will be at Borracchini’s on saturday to buy something. I think my office needs some of their delicious brutti ma buoni. If Seattle Solidarity wants to drive something out of business, how about one of our many parasitic check cashing locations?

    My only problem with Borracchini’s is that they call their buttermilk bars, “crullers.” What’s that about?

  12. RV Dude said
    “Indeed. Had the interviewer continued it, there might have been a sudden outbreak of truth and common sense.”

    lol, I heard it on the radio the other morning and think you nailed it.

  13. I dont even like Dori. the fact that seattles alt weekly’s like the stranger didnt come to the aid of a real community institutions speaks volumes about there commitment to the “99%” and looking at that video it looked like a bunch of kids who are upset they grew up in the suburbs and over compensated during college for their white guilt.

  14. I have some friends who run a business in Ballard who were targeted by SeaSol. Not because of an employee-related issue, but because my friend’s mom was involved in a hassle with a tenant and the tenant went to SeaSol. It was absolutely extortion; SeaSol made it clear that they were siding with the mom’s tenant, and my friend’s business was a public place to picket and harass.

    And Justin–there are French crullers (light and eggy) and Dutch crullers (crunchy, made with sour milk). It’s a reasonable name for a buttermilk bar, honest!

  15. @Justin: I don’t think shame is gonna work with these SeaSol jerks. A nice cease-and-desist court order might be the ticket, though. I hope that one is already in the pipeline.

  16. Commentators, such quick harsh judgement. This is America. Our nation is built upon free speech and right to protest. As an American, I defend the rights of the protestors. I defend our Constitution!

  17. This thread is a quick harsh judgement? You should probably send 50 people with no vested interest to bully us over it.

  18. don’t give these nasty people any ideas they would rather destroy something you create then create something of value them selves.

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  20. Sorry Mary…but there are definite channels for labor disputes and those avenues should have been followed before a protest. Free speech is one thing; slander is another. I see it as extortion, plain and simple.

  21. Wow, 50 people at a moment’s notice? I’ve lived in RV for many years, and have a lot of friends here. I don’t think I could rally that many people so fast.

    Now, where are these 50 oh-so-concerned citizens when somebody gets shot?

  22. “Wow, 50 people at a moment’s notice? I’ve lived in RV for many years, and have a lot of friends here. I don’t think I could rally that many people so fast. ”

    I’ve lived in the RV for years and all I have to do is say I’m having a
    BB-Q and 50 people will show up, sure half of them will show up empty handed with some Tupperware, but at least they aren’t protesting.

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