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What our readers say:

“The RVP is my primary local news source. Every day I read the RVP and the Washington Post. I like to see what’s going on in South Seattle, and this is the place! I wish more businesses would advertise to enhance my one-stop shopping, however. For example, the Ark Lodge Cinema used to have a hot link and it was very handy for finding out what was playing and when. We’re not just interested in crime! In fact, I enjoy the opportunity for civil discourse, something that is not usually found in local newspaper comment sections. In other words, the RVP is great!” Greener Grad

“One of the things I love most about our RVP is that it gives me a sense of community and belonging. Visiting this site makes me feel as if my neighbors are over for a casual friendly chat.” Manny

“The RVP is definitely a necessary part of our community; just sent my annual contribution.” Leah

“Websites like the RVP are necessary and extremely useful not just to residents of the areas they serve but to let those who don’t live here know that we’re more than a zip code, more than a few exits on the freeway.” typingmonkey

“I visit this site almost everyday. I come here to learn about what’s going on in our neighborhood (upcoming events, new businesses, local programs, etc.), and love that the RVP covers so many different aspects of our community (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Also, some of you regular commenters crack me up!!! Thanks for brightening my day neighbors!” oale

“The RVP is one of the better community blogs in the city. The content runs the spectrum from fresh neighborhood news, crime, opportunities, volunteering, local business, good eats, entertainment, and let’s not leave out the positive, active participation from  community members. The RVP really brings us together. Thanks a lot.” Mich

“The neighborhood is much more  connected it seems through the Post. Over the years I have been more  active in my community through the  Post. I have never seen Lindsey Lohan  post on the Post.” Mark B

“I rarely pay to get news but the RVP is an exception.” Manny

“We ate at Huong Duong and it was fabulous. I had never been there before I saw the article about the Plate of Nations. Thanks, RVP!” Rachelle

“I am grateful to the RVP for ALL of the posts it chooses to print. There is a ton of great stuff about the Southend on this site and my life has been personally enriched because of it. I became a Master Urban Naturalist thanks to a post I read here (would not have seen it anywhere else). I took classes at the Jazz School because of a post. I’ve shopped at various places because I heard about them through the RVP.” SolvayGirl

“The RVP is a full-course community meal of  diverse foods, arts, activities, causes, and crime, nicely seasoned with plenty of snark!” erich

“Where else can you bag on the mayor, read a story about a 6 year old girl who helps the homeless, and get a recipe for Unicorn?” Mark B

“Even though I live on Beacon Hill, I love RVP for the community building it has done. You have given us an opportunity to talk about current events and many other topics with a wide range of neighbors. Because of you, we have helped change our community. Thanks!” Mimi Torchia Boothby

“The RVP serves a critical role in helping create, extend and expand community within the Rainier Valley and environs. It provides breaking   news on events such as accidents, fires, and violence – but more importantly it extends community involvement through its calendar and   announcements of important events.” Thomas Karwaki

“I have also met a few really cool people through the RVP.” Mark B

“The RVP is where the community goes to learn more about what is near and dear to their hearts — community development, educating and   mentoring youth, and safety/crime issues. People from all walks of life participate in the active comments section, where freedom of speech   still rules and fresh ideas abound because of it. Most newspapers have   trouble getting readers to voice their opinion. At the RVP, this is   never an issue.” Mr. Cat

“I just like all the info the RVP provides but most of all I like to read the comments from everyone. I feel like I know them personally. Thanks for keeping us up on the latest news in the valley!” angeldove

“My heart is in the Valley (where I lived for 11 years), but my body had to relocate to the east coast for work last year. My family and I still have many connections to SE Seattle–friends,  favorite  businesses, a house we plan to move back to someday–and I read  the  RVP frequently to find out what’s *really* going on in my once and future neighborhood. I am SO grateful to the RVP, because goodness  knows the Seattle Times or Crosscut don’t cover the south end for  sh*t…” Angie

“And ditto on what Manny said, about feeling a closeness to the community through the RVP. Until fairly recently, I really didn’t know many people in my neighborhood. But thanks to this site, I hear about local events and businesses, and have gotten to know some of you through those things.  I don’t feel as isolated as I might have in the past. I also really appreciate that when a topic is addressed or a question is asked, we are hearing the perspectives from people who are mostly experiencing it first hand, or at least with some general proximity.” Rachelle





Photos/A card we received from Youth in Focus after helping to promote their 2009 Bowl-A-Thon.