Aki Kurose Wins Attendance Challenge; Gets Surprise Visit From NE-YO

RAINIER VALLEY – Grammy® Award winner NE-YO surprised 588 students at Aki Kurose Middle School Academy with a mini-concert today.

NE-YO performed live for the student body to celebrate their win in the 2011 Get Schooled Fall Attendance Challenge – a seven-week competition to improve daily attendance rates nationwide.

Sponsored by the Get Schooled Foundation, the friendly competition included nearly 80,000 students at 73 schools in 17 states between Oct. 3 and Nov. 18.

According to Get Schooled, Aki Kurose improved its attendance by a remarkable 3.7 percent and succeeded in engaging more than 70 percent of its students in the various components of the challenge.

“[This] is a once in a lifetime experience for the students,” said Mia Williams, Principal of Aki Kurose. “I’m extremely proud of the students, staff and the Aki Kurose community… The Get Schooled Attendance challenge has been great for us. We’re using the momentum, school spirit and the increase in student engagement from the challenge to focus on improving academic achievement school-wide.”

Attendance is one of the greatest predictor of graduation and a significant driver of student achievement. Research shows that missing just ten days a year can lead to academic problems.

Photo/Get Schooled