Aki Kurose Wins Attendance Challenge; Gets Surprise Visit From NE-YO

RAINIER VALLEY – Grammy® Award winner NE-YO surprised 588 students at Aki Kurose Middle School Academy with a mini-concert today.

NE-YO performed live for the student body to celebrate their win in the 2011 Get Schooled Fall Attendance Challenge – a seven-week competition to improve daily attendance rates nationwide.

Sponsored by the Get Schooled Foundation, the friendly competition included nearly 80,000 students at 73 schools in 17 states between Oct. 3 and Nov. 18.

According to Get Schooled, Aki Kurose improved its attendance by a remarkable 3.7 percent and succeeded in engaging more than 70 percent of its students in the various components of the challenge.

“[This] is a once in a lifetime experience for the students,” said Mia Williams, Principal of Aki Kurose. “I’m extremely proud of the students, staff and the Aki Kurose community… The Get Schooled Attendance challenge has been great for us. We’re using the momentum, school spirit and the increase in student engagement from the challenge to focus on improving academic achievement school-wide.”

Attendance is one of the greatest predictor of graduation and a significant driver of student achievement. Research shows that missing just ten days a year can lead to academic problems.

Photo/Get Schooled

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5 Comments on "Aki Kurose Wins Attendance Challenge; Gets Surprise Visit From NE-YO"

3 years 8 months ago

Actually, I’d like to see year-round school. The public school district adjacent to the one I grew up in, had this and it worked great.

10 weeks on 3 weeks off. The kids learned better, and the school district required 30% fewer classrooms, because they got better utilization of the facilites they already had. They saved on the capital side, and the operations side (30% fewer square feet to heat, clean, maintain, etc.). That meant more for the classroom.

Even though they were the only school district in our atheletic league on a year-round calendar, they played sports against us (and occasionally beat the pants off us).

Why do we have a school calendar geared toward having kids available for the harvest, when King County (and most parts of Western WA) quit growing crops 50 years ago? Those remaining ag operations are all highly mechanized and automated, and the remaining labor force works circles around teenagers, so they won’t hire them anyway.

We are set in our ways!

3 years 9 months ago

Congrats, Aki! Here’s a little article about it on AllHipHop with more pics.

3 years 9 months ago

ALEX—SPS ignores a lot of research that covers a variety of topics including math curriculum (discovery math does not yield results), the sleep patterns of teenagers (they need to sleep later in the morning), the success rate of charter schools (it’s not great), class size (smaller IS better).

Though KUDOS to Aki Kurose! Now let’s hope these kids will continue to attend school without the carrot of a visit from a hip-hop star. I hope they saw a correlation in their grades (upward) with their attendance and will continue coming to school regularly because it translates into academic success.

3 years 9 months ago

Congrats are due to Aki Kurose School. Now could someone give the memo to the clowns running Seattle Public Schools?

“Attendance is one of the greatest predictor of graduation and a significant driver of student achievement. Research shows that missing just ten days a year can lead to academic problems.”

With all the half days, one day holidays, and other breaks I think it is difficult for teachers and students alike to get into the routine of attending school and into the rhythm of learning. It seems that SPS has not seen that particular bit of research.

Jessica Breznau
3 years 9 months ago

Really wonderful to hear some good news! Way to go Aki Kurose!