Beacon Hill, Columbia City Top List of ‘7 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle’

SOUTHEAST SEATTLE – Two Southeast Seattle neighborhoods have made 7×’s list of The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle.

Beacon Hill beat the Phinney Ridge/Greenwood area as the best neighborhood in the city for families:

As over 20% of the households in Beacon Hill have kids, you would be hard-pressed to find a more kid-friendly neighborhood in Seattle. According to Great Schools, Beacon Hill has one school with an above 8 rating. The area also has multiple parks and playgrounds, a neighborhood branch of the Seattle Public Library, vast community diversity, and close proximity to light rail.

While Columbia City was named the ‘Most Diverse’ neighborhood in Seattle, with the International District/University District listed as runner up:

The 98118 zip code is arguably one of the most diverse in our nation. Columbia City boasts over 60 spoken languages. The neighborhood celebrates this diversity with street fairs throughout the year, one of the best Farmers Markets in the city, and many of Seattle’s best restaurants. Enjoy authentic Jamaican food. Discover the cuisine of Ethiopia. Head to Columbia City for an experience in cultural immersion. Don’t forget to stop for coffee and a pastry at the darling of the neighborhood, Columbia City Bakery.

Laurelhurst was named as the safest neighborhood, with Montlake running a close second:

This pictorial neighborhood on the shore of Lake Washington comes in as number one with under 30 reported non-violent crimes in a two-month period. Unfortunately, safety will cost you a pretty penny. Laurelhurst is 99% more expensive than any other neighborhood in Washington state. If you can afford the million dollar price tag (or the $1,800 rental prices), look no further for your sense of safety and well-being. Laurelhurst is close to the University Village shops and boasts 8 miles of bike lanes. With beautiful views of Lake Washington, Laurelhurst is one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets.

Photo/Dougerino (South-End Scenes Flickr Group)

11 comments on “Beacon Hill, Columbia City Top List of ‘7 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle’

  1. But whatever you do, don’t drive past Columbia City and end up in no man’s land…..sigh…..

  2. i have a very tenuous grasp on courage in the first place, so all of this is really really starting to freak me the heck out….

  3. Despite all the crime, I rep hard for the RV. Where else can you get a slab of ribs, your nails done, and get your yoga on all on the same block?

  4. I grew up in Columbia city and if you think this is bad it’s not. Just because you move in doesn’t mean those who were here have move out and they are still hungry broke and have nothing to loose. I guess if you try to make them invisible they will pop up and show you they are not. ALOT has been done to improve the area and I love my part of town regardless.

  5. Old School…perhaps you are used to crime—especially the violent crime. But I do believe the crime all over the RV has increased. My neighbors near Seward Park formed a block watch last summer. I get alerts on burglaries (house, car AND UPS/FedX packages) on a weekly basis—sometimes 3 a week. We are talking about a 5-block radius, so it’s just a matter of time before my house gets hit. My Golden is not the watchdog my Golden/Shepherd was.

    I’m not ready to move yet, and on the whole, I still prefer living here to other areas of Seattle. But I’d like to feel safe walking to my car in Columbia City, or leaving my house unattended for any length of time, or sending my teen on the light rail…

  6. <>

    WTH? You need to “unpack” that for the rest of us. Who exactly should leave? What “diversity” are you wishing to trade away?

    You are EQUATING diversity with crime and violence. Care to re-state that?

  7. <>

    Do you mean going northbound?

    I’m confident you aren’t telling me that MY neighborhood is some sort of no man’s land. Do you know what that sounds like? Are you hearing yourself?


  8. So ticked off, I apparently cannot figure out how to post a comment correctly…

    My comment above (#9) referenced Tom T who asked: “can we trade some diversity for some safety?” (Let me say again, “WTH?”)

    My next comment (#10) referenced musicanimal who said: “But whatever you do, don’t drive past Columbia City and end up in no man’s land…..sigh….. ” (Again, GRRRRRRR.)

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