Bomb Squad, Haz-Mat Team Called to Columbia City Home

By KOMO News (RVP news partner)

A police bomb squad and fire department hazardous materials team have cordoned off a house in [Columbia City] while they investigate suspicious materials found inside.

Police spokesman Jeff Kappel said officers were called to the scene at 3217 South Edmunds Street by a cleaning crew just before 1 p.m.

The crew became sick while cleaning the abandoned house on Friday, but did not report the problem until Monday afternoon, Kappel said.

Officials have not said what was found inside or exactly why the bomb squad was on the scene.

Members of the Seattle Police Department SWAT team were also at the house to provide security, officials said.

This is a developing story. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

5 comments on “Bomb Squad, Haz-Mat Team Called to Columbia City Home

  1. nope, irate screwed over foreclosed upon human being. looks like we had nearly the entire police force over there for a bunch of empty propane tanks and fire extinguishers. maybe they’ll call him a ‘domestic terrorist’ just for fun. let’s keep living in fear people, that’s really working for us.

  2. If they found empty propane tanks, threatening literature, white powder, etc., in a house on my block, i’d want them to overreact. Better safe than sorry.

  3. No Meth lab, just a nut job hick who took off and actually bolted/welded the gates, doors and windows to screw over the bank who foreclosed the property..problem house – I hope they impode the residence..

  4. I wonder if he remebered to super glue the light bulbs into the fixtures.
    I heard about that one once, people moved out cleaned the place, everything looked good, then the new tenant called and said they could not change the light bulb that had burned out and found all the light fixtures were like that and had to be replaced.

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