BREAKING: Two Critically Injured in Rainier Beach Shooting

KOMO News (RVP news partner)

Two people were injured in a Tuesday night shooting outside of a Rainier Beach restaurant.

Police say the shooting happened just after 8 p.m. in the 9400 Block of Rainier Avenue S.

Medics on scene outside of Maya’s Restaurant worked on two adult men suffering from an unknown number of gunshot wounds. At least one of the victims required CPR.

Both men were transported to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

It’s unclear what led to the shooting and police don’t have any suspects in custody.

Several people were seen running from the area just after the shooting, but police aren’t sure if they’re suspects or if they were bystanders just trying to get away from the gunfire.

The area has been a hotbed of violence in recent months.

On January 26, two people were shot just blocks away at Rainier Avenue South and South Fisher Place. Earlier that month, two more people were shot outside of a Rainier Beach Subway restaurant.

Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz said the department is keenly aware of the recent violence in the area.

“The reality is that this isn’t a game,” Metz said. “This is not a game. We have people dying out here. We’ve seen a huge increase ( in violence) since January 1st and the department is taking this very seriously.”

CSI, homicide and gang unit detectives are investigating.

57 comments on “BREAKING: Two Critically Injured in Rainier Beach Shooting

  1. Comments from #49 and #51 are excellent points. I think #49 and #51 should determine if the safe houses for drugs also harbor the gangs mapped to the link above.

  2. I have noticed something; A lot of the OG’s from the southend have come home in the last 4 months from prison doing a 10yr stint and since then alot of things have happened. Mayas is a good place to eat BUT the company that likes to loiter and ‘smoke’ outside and wave people down to ‘smoke’ in the parking HAS TO GO. If Maya’s wants to keep their restaurant they may want to invest in a security officer like the Skyway bowl did back in the day when they had all that activity popping off in their parking lot. Since this tragedy has happened I have noticed only 2 or 3 cars in their lot.

  3. i personally blame the the fact that we can not spank our kids without noise teachers or neighbors misunderstanding discipline from abuse. so we lack installing the necessary aspect of common sense into our children. how do we as a community overcome these odds?

  4. In the wake of all the recent shootings, street robbery, and burglary, Diana and others have used the RVP Comment Threads to ask, “What can we do to stop the violence? Is there a way we can get involved?”

    The answer is yes. Go to this web-site and you can volunteer at many different organizations in SE Seattle, with “at-risk” youth.

  5. Volunteer? I thought all of us were already voluntary taxpayers that paid for police to crack down on the drug lords in South Seattle. If we need to voluntarily educate the at-risk kids, maybe we should take our tax money from the police and put it where it will make a dent. How’s that for volunteerism?

  6. This is plain ridiculous. I’ve read more than half the comments here and it’s all “What are THEY going to do to stop the crime?” …People, wake up! WE are the fathers/mothers/brother/sisters/cousins/neighbors to these kids and their families. We’ve got to save one another. I don’t know exactly how but that’s for US to figure out. Not some third party or police department. Take the power that you employ them with and use it to save your OWN neighborhood… yourself. We can make a difference if we just try.

    Really, sitting here and WRITING about it makes me just as bad as you all. When really I should be out there marching, myself, with some type of sign. *sigh*

    More power and blessings to those who are really working to save our neighborhood and it’s children. (LOVE)

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