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Columbia City Sandwich Shop Robbed at Knife-Point

COLUMBIA CITY – Seattle Police Department (SPD) says that a Columbia City sandwich shop was robbed at knife-point last week.

SPD spokesperson Mark Jamieson said it was about 1:20 pm on Tuesday, April 10th, when an unknown suspect entered a sandwich shop in the 4800 block of Rainier Avenue South.

“After ordering food, he presented the clerk with a note that indicated he had a gun and demanded the money from the register,” said Jamieson.

He said the suspect had a knife in his hand, and that the clerk gave him money from the cash register before fleeing on foot.

Although the suspect was last seen walking southbound on Rainier Avenue South, an area search proved unsuccessful and there were no arrests.

The suspect is described as a 25-30 year old black male with distinctive hazel eyes, 5-feet, 8-inches tall, 150 pounds, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with a darker grey bird on the back, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

Anyone with information on this incident is urged to contact the Seattle Police Department.

6 comments on “Columbia City Sandwich Shop Robbed at Knife-Point

  1. was this at the Laundromat? For some reason, I’m blanking on the existence of any sandwich shops in Col. City.

  2. oh, right. I guess I assumed it was an independent business since they didn’t say the name.

  3. Speaking of sandwich shops, if Chelsea deli couldn’t make it selling good (albiet overpriced) sandwiches, how many wheat-grass smoothies will you have to sell to afford the same space?

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