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Real Rainier Valley Girl on “Man Stabbed in Violent Seward Park Area Street Robbery”:

Cripes. Law-enforcement authorities warn us that it’s dangerous to walk to and from at the link light rail stations between “1 pm and midnight” (according to the Seattle Police Department and Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council) because gang bangers are stalking people who use light rail. Crime convey that it’s dangerous to walk in the parking lots of our local supermarkets because of purse-snatching teens. Now we read that dangerous to walk in our neighborhoods because of perpetrators wielding butcher knives.

Is there a point when the Seattle Police Department (SPD) will tell us that it’s too bloody dangerous to live, work and shop in southeast Seattle? The south precinct reluctantly acknowledges an increase of street robberies in the Rainier Valley, but nobody – not the SPD, mayor’s office or the city council (which boasts two people who claim southeast Seattle as their homes) – is undertaking significant steps to correct this situation. Instead, the SPD admonishes people with pithy safety tips (don’t walk alone at night, don’t walk with iPod buds in your ears) that imply that those who are attacked, assaulted, etc. are complicit in what took place.

What will it take for somebody in charge to do something to make the Rainier Valley safer? Are we are our own because the city has written the area off because it’s too hot to handle? Or is the Rainier Valley becoming some kind of “Deadwood” where people pack heat and take matters into their own hands? I hope not, but we’re running out of alternatives.

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3 Comments on "Comment of the Week Goes To…"

Mark B
3 years 9 months ago

@Jessica Breznau
“I feel so grateful to have a very scary looking but ultimately sweet dog by my side during many local walks…”

And even he has been shot.

South Seattle Cop
3 years 9 months ago

I don’t think providing safety tips, espeically tips gleaned from feedback from arrested robbery suspects, serves to “…imply that those who are attacked, assaulted, etc. are complicit in what took place.”

We were asked for this information, and then when it’s provided we are accused of blaming the victim? Would you rather not be told what robbers are looking for?

You can’t have it both ways…

Jessica Breznau
3 years 9 months ago

Help City of Seattle Police Department and City of Seattle. Every day almost lately it seems like the last couple months have seen random violent attacks on strangers for purses – in parking lots going into stores at all hours and in particular in my 10 block radius – round the Othello light rail station and Rainier Beach area. People are dying and lives are being damaged and the fear is increasing in our lovely community. This article puts in well. Really – we just are not supposed to walk to the light rail station from 1pm to midnight (let alone beyond – certainly we don’t need to even warn against that – that would be sure agreement in being attacked!). Community has been organizing for citizen partols and I feel so grateful to have a very scary looking but ultimately sweet dog by my side during many local walks… but now if I want to go out at night to a show downtown – the main time I would use light rail – I guess I am supposed to drive to the station a few blocks away and run up to the platform and time it just right so that the train is pulling in when I run up there?! Shall I stop shopping at any local retail? In the end I refuse fear, I reject it every day innumerable ways … but I am pushing the edge of life any time I walk out the door these days. And what of all those who aren’t able to reject fear … shall they stay cowered at home, opening an inch of blind to see who is at the door, being generally unfriendly to all passersby, grabbing for a ‘defensive’ gun, packing weapons, etc??