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RBRawkus on “Sound Transit: Ten on-Train Robberies in January; Three Arrests”:

Frankly, crime can happen anywhere. But, y’all are over reacting…it’s really not even close to being dangerous. Honestly, no where in Seattle is truly dangerous. Clearly, y’all have never lived in any other city. Me, coming from Detroit, it’s common sense to pay attention to your surroundings, make eye contact with people, and not be playing around with expensive gadgets in public. Really, if you feel that unsafe, get a permit and carry a pistol. Most of these crimes are committed [by] teens with nothing better to do. They all have access to decent schools and do not live in extreme poverty. As is the case for youth in Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans. These kids commit crimes to “prove” something, they ain’t hungry. Keep your head on a swivel and make eye contact. “I see you, seeing me” and keep your damn phones in your pockets.

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