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SusanH on “Two Critically Injured in Rainier Beach Shooting”:

While I share the dismay at yet another shooting, I think saying that Rainier Beach is a “no man’s land” is an incorrect, damaging thing to say. We’re just supposed to write off this entire neighborhood? This neighborhood is where my family lives, shops, plays, walks, socializes. This is where my children attend (a fabulous) school, go trick-or-treating, play in the yard. There are so many wonderful people here, and the increasing crime by a very few cannot define the whole area. I really don’t want folks who happen to live north of Graham to just write this neighborhood off.

The dialogue that occurs here between friends, neighbors and engaged citizens is one of the features that makes your RVP such a valuable community resource. Your RVP does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed in the Comment of the Week.

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  1. Thank You SusanH. We like the people we are meeting at the RBCC gatherings. There are more good than bad in 98118. Too bad the media only tells the city about the bad. Where else can a young family afford a house that has mountain and Lake Views and a family of eagles living nearby?

  2. A few families from here on Upper Rainier Beach took their kids to Maya’s for dinner last night. Showing support. I loved that.

  3. we went to Maya’s Friday night and met others who are determined that the bad guys are not going to ruin our neighborhood. As always, we had great food, great service and low prices!!

  4. We used to eat at Maya’s. We thought it changed owners a few years back because portion sizes changed, the quality of the food varied from visit to visit. prices changed. Service was indiferent. We were surprised to find it has had the same owner all this time.

    As he turns over employees, he has an obvious problem controlling the presentation, quality, and delivery of the dining experience. We will try and stop in their and eat to give the guy a possitive “kick” in the wake of the recent tragedy. We don’t want any business to “go dark”. That just gives the bad guy another place to lurk and drives good people off the street. Downward spiral that is not good for anyone.

    That said, IMO, the owner has work to do.

  5. There are a hundred times more positives about this neighborhood than negative. These positives will be on display March 14 at 6:30 pm at South Shore PK-8 where some very smart people have helped the city craft a neighborhood plan intended to overcome the challenges we face. In these challenging times it time people who care about their neighborhood start getting more attention than people who don’t. Thanks SueH for putting it out there.

  6. @GregoryD: So true! Can you help get the word out? The Rainier Valley Post is a volunteer-run, neighborhood-based forum that thrives on contributions from its readers and other members of the south-end community. We invite and encourage participation in the form of letters to the editor, guest columns, op-ed articles, photos, event notices and more:


    Hope to hear from you soon!

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