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SusanH on “Two Critically Injured in Rainier Beach Shooting”:

While I share the dismay at yet another shooting, I think saying that Rainier Beach is a “no man’s land” is an incorrect, damaging thing to say. We’re just supposed to write off this entire neighborhood? This neighborhood is where my family lives, shops, plays, walks, socializes. This is where my children attend (a fabulous) school, go trick-or-treating, play in the yard. There are so many wonderful people here, and the increasing crime by a very few cannot define the whole area. I really don’t want folks who happen to live north of Graham to just write this neighborhood off.

The dialogue that occurs here between friends, neighbors and engaged citizens is one of the features that makes your RVP such a valuable community resource. Your RVP does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed in the Comment of the Week.