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Jason K. on “Rainier Valley Residents 4x More Likely to Be Victims of Violent Crime Than North Seattleites”:

Hey editor, can you change the results of your analysis to make me feel better about where I live, and so the crime will also go away?

I enjoyed reading the responses above… “Numbers are always great for making a case.” How else can one make a case without using data? By aggressive ego? And does this method lead to things such as civilization?

“The writer of this post is just holding the mirror and some people do not like what they see.” BINGO!

“Hmmm. What about slicing it across socioeconomic lines rather than geographic.” How about altering the analysis to make the result come out differently?

“yeah– I’d want clearer numbers.” Though I have no idea what those would look like if I saw them. Maybe if they agreed with my preconceived notions…

The dialogue that occurs here between friends, neighbors and engaged citizens is one of the features that makes your RVP such a valuable community resource. Your RVP does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed in the Comment of the Week.

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3 years 7 months ago

With all duuuuue reeeespect, I apologize for questioning zee numbers. Your analysis is obviously the only true and correct analysis which could be developed.