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Councilman Harrell, Chief Diaz to Attend Monday’s Public Safety Meeting

LAKEWOOD/SEWARD PARK – Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell says he and the command staff of Seattle Police Department will attend Monday’s public safety meeting in the Rainier Valley.

“Councilmember Harrell worked to get Chief Diaz, Assistant Chief Mike Sanford, South Precinct Captain Mike Nolan and Lt. John Hayes to be there for the meeting,” said legislative aide Vinh Tang in an email.

The meeting – held in response to several recent violent crimes in the area – is planned for Mon., Feb. 6, at 7 p.m. at the Lakewood Seward Park Community Clubhouse (4916 S. Angeline St). It is co-hosted by Lakewood Seward Park Community Club and the Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council.

There is also a “Take Back Our Streets” march and rally planned for the Othello area – a hotspot for violent crime in the Rainier Valley – this Fri., Feb. 3, starting at the New Holly Gathering Hall (7054 32nd Ave. S.) at 6 pm.

According to Seattle City Councilman and Public Safety Chairman Bruce Harrell, Seattle Police Chief John Diaz, will attend Monday’s public safety meeting.

19 comments on “Councilman Harrell, Chief Diaz to Attend Monday’s Public Safety Meeting

  1. Good! We had an awesome march tonight in New Holly. We’ll be there to represent on Monday!

  2. One would think the nearby pawn shops have become the lost and found for these stolen phones and laptops. Radio Shack and T-Mobile probably has seen a huge surge in sim card sales.

  3. @Tom T
    From my recent reading of Pubicola (stupid name for a Seattle blog), I’m guessing Erica Barnett is a typical Seattle area liberal strongly biased in favor of public transit. So I’m guessing Barnett doesn’t like negative press relating to the Metro bus or light rail system. Basically, that blog is more opinion/op-ed based and less about real reporting.

  4. If the same crime to Danny Vega happened in Capital Hill, the mayor and crew would have responded more swiftly and there would have been more public outcry. The city needs to create business incentives and housing that welcome more gay men to live in our area.

  5. I and 500 others were at the meeting tonight. It was carefully scripted by downtown. It is so sad that in three years, this is the first time I have seen the Chief at a SE Seattle meeting. I have never seen so many SE Seattle residents at a meeting. The hall was shoulder to shoulder and we were told there was another 100 standing outside. I would hope the Chief got the message that we are concerned about crime. I doubt it; because the Chief admitted he lived in Issaquah. If he does not live in the city, how can he possibly understand and be concerned. He jokingly told us he had spent 4 nites in city hall because of the snow. That must have been really frightening for him. Our SE officers do a great job, they are simply out maned by the problems that the City has created with their emphasis on density with out providing the Police manpower necessary to assure safety and security for the people they have packed into SE Seattle.

  6. My concern is that there are no stated goals that the SPD has to reduce the number of crimes by category and by percentage. Cities like NY have train commuter groups that have rights and protection…and where are ours?

  7. I was one of those folks outside. Harrell said the meeting would be on Channel 21 but I couldn’t find it. Does anyone know where it can be see or any news articles on it – can’t find a thing yet.

  8. Does anyone know if there was any news coverage of the meeting besides our wonderful RVP? I was disappointed that the sensational Powell murder/suicide dominated the local news last night (a very sad story to be sure, but I am much more interested in crime that affects large numbers of people. If I want sensation, I’ll watch Dateline—NOT).
    I am saddened that a turnout of hundreds in South Seattle doesn’t seem to be news to anyone outside the Valley. I’ve seen plenty of news reports about northend meetings with less than 30 attendees.

  9. Channel 13 has a story about the meeting but really didn’t focus on the Southeast Seattle reason about the meeting!

  10. Thanks! Not much three though is it—no mention of the 10 thefts on LR last month. Walk. Bike. Ride. Hand over your cellphone.

  11. Of course no mention of the robberies, they don’t want people to doubt the incessant regurgitation of the Walk, Bike, Ride mantra.

  12. There’s another meeting tonight from 6:30-8:30pm at Seattle University with the SPD Office of Police Accountability Review Board (OPARB). It is at SU’s Campion Ballroom – 914 E. Jefferson St – btwn Bdwy and 12th. The topic is improving Police-Community Relations. There’ll be most of the same folks there from the city and there’ll be a bunch of media given that this meeting is an outgrowth of the DOJ case.
    That said, it’ll be a great way to keep last night’s momentum going and an opportunity to reach a larger audience with the South End’s issues. Given that it is an “open discussion” it would be great if the South End could have a large presence and let the city know that we’re a force to be reckoned with!

  13. Big media wants nothing to do with us unless it’s a crime story. I’ve seen their news anchors come down here, slick back their hair and try talk more “down” so that locals will give them info about a story.


  14. The NYPD advertise the subway that crime decreased 35%. If we get McSchwinny to allocate more police officers to the South End on foot, bikes and light rail…may be we can enjoy the same decrease in crime rates as NYC subway riders.

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