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SSCPC Update: South End Has 10x as Many Pot Shops as North Seattle


By NewsPad:

SOUTHEAST SEATTLE – Last week, the Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council (SSCPC) held its monthly meeting to update community members on issues of public safety in Southeast Seattle.

The debate got heated during a discussion about police policy on loitering and trespassing, when attendees began to heatedly chastise officers and one woman even started swearing.

Other than that, it was a good forum for open discussion of various topics, including jaywalking, gun violence, theft, police jurisdictions and disaster preparedness.

Officers addressed citizen complaints about gun violence and said that most of it involves the robbery and theft of electronic devices.

They added that older Asian women are often targeted for violence due to their jewelry.

The group also discussed the disproportionately high number of Marijuana dispensaries in Southeast Seattle compared to North Seattle which has less than a tenth of the amount of pot shops.

In addition, officers mentioned using motorcycle dispatch to solve localized speeding and traffic violations, as opposed to relying on intersection cameras.

Despite the rocky beginning, the event ended on a friendly note and included a brief interview with Lieutenant John Hayes, Operations Lieutenant at Seattle’s South Precinct.

SSCPC meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center (4655 South Holly Street). The meetings begin promptly at 7pm, ending at 8:45pm, with the final 15 minutes of each meeting are dedicated to South Precinct Advisory. Photo/NewsPad

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