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El Pilon, a Taste of Puerto Rico in Hillman City

el-pilonBy Nancy Leson, Seattle Times (RVP News Partner):

Marta Vega, a native of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, has long called Seattle home. Here, she’s worked with El Centro de la Raza and for POCAAN (People of Color Against AIDS Network), and for nearly 30 years has lent her expertise at the stove at community events. Then, early this month, “abuela” Marta did what she says she’s been wanting to do “forever.” She opened El Pilon, adding her native cuisine to the wide world of flavors that make her South Seattle neighborhood such a delicious melting-pot.

Today, with the help of her son Luis Vega — among other extended-family members — the beloved matriarch is running a 35-seat cafe at 5303 Rainier Avenue South, offering homestyle Puerto Rican comfort-food at lunch and dinner. Read more.

El Pilon is located at 5303 Rainier Avenue South in Hillman City. Photo/do communications

6 comments on “El Pilon, a Taste of Puerto Rico in Hillman City

  1. I wish this place well. However, Columbia City already has Island Soul and Kalalloo. Both are good restaurants, but three Caribbean restaurants seems like heavy saturation.

    Anyone been to Pilon yet?

  2. Hmmm…we still need more dining options from around the world: do you know where I can find Turkish, French, Greek, Croatian, Russian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Malayasan, Singaporean & Vegan options nearby?

  3. French: Cafe Press on 12th near Madison. Great place
    Greek: The Continental on the Ave.
    Brazilian: Ipanema Grill on 1st near Harbor Steps. All you can eat grilled meat. What a country!
    Malaysian, Singapore, Vegan: The ID!
    Turkish: no idea. BUT- the Caspian on the Ave is Iranian. Great food. Only been there once, but it was great.
    Peruvian- there is a place at Pike Place.

  4. I’ve been, and really liked it. Much smaller menu than either Island Soul or Kallaloo. My favorite tostones of the three.

  5. Mawadda at Graham and Rainier is ReallY good Arabic/Mediterranean food. Went for the first time last night. Highly recommend, just give them 10 min longer than they say for a carryout. Get the Falafel, best I’ve had in a a long while.

  6. we went to el pilon last week…was looking forward to good puerto rican food…waited over an hour for our food and eventually had to leave because it didn’t seem like it was going to arrive. there was no real waitress working the room either, so don’t know if they noticed we left…we will take our business elsewhere…only in Seattle…Nancy, why don’t you go to a place before you review it in the seattle times?

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