Your RVP Needs YOU.

Fall Membership Drive Kicks-Off Today: Your RVP Needs YOU!

Dear Readers,

Some of you may know that – despite our sophisticated look, comprehensive coverage and generous content contributors – your RVP is powered by not much more than an ultra-dedicated Rainier Valley mom with an old laptop and a passion for informing and engaging the community.

And while it’s a pleasant surprise to have gained such a dedicated following, wealth of community support and numerous paid advertisers over the last three years, your humble editor/publisher has even higher hopes for the south-end’s only independent daily source for news, information, events, discussion, opinion and community building that has drawn so much attention to our remarkable community.

For instance:

  • Hire youth interns and freelance writers to cover community issues
  • Provide video of south-end community meetings, such as Crime Prevention Council, Southeast District Council, etc.
  • Create new & improved Eat Page with regular Rainier Valley restaurant reviews and Customer Service Challenge
  • Conduct Best of SE Seattle Readers Choice Poll 2010 & Rainier Valley Shop Local Challenge 2010
  • and much more!

But I need your help. In order to grow and continue to provide the community coverage that so many of you have come to rely on, I need you to please take a moment to make a non-tax deductible donation.

Every little bit helps, and we’re even offering membership benefits and thank you gifts in appreciation for your support in securing the future of your RVP. Please see those details below.

In gratitude & appreciation,

Amber Campbell
RVP Editor/Publisher

RVP Membership Levels
Members enjoy discounts and specials from participating RVP sponsors, as well as thank you gifts indicated below.

  • $25 =  Friends With Benefits (FWB) – RVP sticker
  • $50 = Best Friends For Now (BFFN) – RVP mug
  • $100 = Best Friends For Life (BFFL) – RVP hat + two-week ad space
  • $250 = Best Friends Forever (BFF) – RVP hoodie + one-month ad space

Don’t do PayPal?
Snail mail check to Rainier Valley Post, 7641 46th Ave. S., Seattle WA 98118. THANK YOU!

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15 Comments on "Fall Membership Drive Kicks-Off Today: Your RVP Needs YOU!"

5 years 1 month ago

Dear Third Bardo;

Thank you for expressing a dissenting opinion. It is your right, after all…to come on here all heated about the UN (ahem, crazy at it sounds to people trying to live their lives and pay rent/buy food whilst not getting shot or mugged by an armed toddler on the 7 etc.)

I won’t try to dissuade you from your highly agitated state regarding the eventual collapse of the US Dollar, although I wonder why it is if this were to occur we’d be too worried about the UN declaring SS an “incubation site” for sustainable dev…I’m thinking I’d be more concerned about not being able to buy my cheap foreign BluRay player… Matter of fact if the US Dollar collapses I think I’d be f*cked in many more ways than SE Seattle’s UN proliferated sustainable development. *shrug*-maybe jus me.

But to my point.. I think you’ve managed to do something that happens lil too often around here. That’s to elicit a round of applause from everyone else who appreciates what the RVP-all to often a “one woman show”, manages to put on for our benefit.

So thank you “Third Bardo”. And I’d fast forward that 45 to the track, “Lose Your Mind”. Stop listening to “Five Years Ahead of My Time”. I think it’s f’d with ya. jus sayin’.

5 years 1 month ago

@ Really

A customer service challenge is a great idea!!!!!!

5 years 1 month ago

Ok, so maybe RVP isn’t but so what? Go to the home page and see the reasons why we love it here.

I’m a single mom so I applaud her just for being able to operate a site. I can barely put lotion on most days.

So I will be putting my money where my mouth is and even figuring out if there is something I can do to contribute on some level.

Let me know when that customer service challenge is…I know where Im headed first.

Mark B
5 years 1 month ago

“Okay, laughing over this alone is worth the $25! I wish I had the extra cash to sport the $250 and get the hoodie!”

Maybe the editor will let you put it on lay away.

Mark B
5 years 1 month ago

“Knives are for amateurs ”

Yea, I’m more of an ice pick guy myself.

5 years 1 month ago

Okay, laughing over this alone is worth the $25! I wish I had the extra cash to sport the $250 and get the hoodie!

5 years 1 month ago

Dear Third Bardo,

Why don’t you offer to write an in-depth article for the RVP? If you research and write this article, it will take your time to pull city / court records and trace the flow of the dollars. To be fair, no community website is perfect but it can be strengthened with dedicated writers. And I thank Amber for her dedication!

Real Rainier Valley Girl
5 years 1 month ago

Jeez, Bardo, you peed in your Cherrios this morning? You criticize the Rainier Valley Post (RVP) for failing to accomplish what the mainstream media do not achieve — and you are condescending and snarky in the process. If the RVP does not meet your lofty expectations, perhaps you ought not be a free rider/free loader.