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Full Tilt Owner Preparing to Open Hummingbird Saloon in Columbia City


By Claire Thompson

COLUMBIA CITY – Rainier Valley nightlife continues its evolution with the addition of two new watering holes planned for 2013.  Full Tilt owner Ken Anderson hopes to have his Hummingbird Saloon up and running within the month, while Spinnaker Bay Brewing, the South end’s first brewery, is slated to open down the road in Hillman City by March 1.

Bars like Rookie Sports, the Royal Room, and the Columbia City Ale House have slowly but surely been shaping the area’s reputation as a destination for more than just family-friendly activity, and these two new spots will no doubt keep the buzz building.

Spinnaker Bay Brewing will be located at Rainier and Mead, not far from where Orcas Landing recently shut its doors after barely a year in business. So far, the pedestrian-unfriendly stretch of Rainier Avenue between Columbia City and Hillman City has proved a roadblock to the neighborhood’s commercial growth.  Perhaps the promise of a microbrewery will finally be enough to link the two areas.

The Hummingbird Saloon is opening right next door to the Full Tilt ice cream shop in Columbia City.  Anderson says Hummingbird, a collaboration with his brother, will offer “peasant food” from its full-service kitchen: Cornish-style pasties, various ham pies.

“The food we’ll be offering will be different from anywhere else in the neighborhood,” he says.

That, plus plans for the bar to include shuffleboard, pinball, darts, and other entertainment in keeping with Full Tilt’s trademark retro-arcade style, will make the bar stand out from nearby established drinking spots.

“We hope to be a comfortable neighborhood hangout,” Anderson says.  Hummingbird will be 21-plus, but Anderson says they “have the option to change that if the neighborhood proves they want it to be that way.”

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19 Comments on "Full Tilt Owner Preparing to Open Hummingbird Saloon in Columbia City"

2 years 9 months ago

So last night my partner and I (and three other friends) swung by here and I have to say I was impressed. Keeping in mind that they are still new and starting up, they didn’t have a vast selection of alcohol brands – but it’s a friendly, laid back atmosphere with a hearty menu. I met Ken (the owner) and I have to say he really is a class act.

I was impressed with the Happy Hour prices (3 bucks for a beer and 2.50 wells??) and perusing the menu I was delighted to see that THEY HAVE TATER TOTS! Those buttons of delight! I wholeheartedly recommend the meatball sandwich (along with tater tots as a side please).

Great service, laid back, a jukebox, games and it definitely feels like a neighborhood bar.

Oh, and if they don’t have the brand of alcohol you want just let the bartender (Steve) know because like I said, they are still putting together their selection of alcohol. Dewars White Label please.

Mark B
2 years 9 months ago

l was not naming Rob at all, but good to see that you understand how common it is, and how it may influence peoples opinion of our citiy’s government

2 years 9 months ago

@Tom T – I was referring to the original link you posted, which lists Rob only as a contact person for the CCBA, As his role with the CCBA is voluntary, I wanted to clear any confusion.

@Mark B. – That situation, while common, is definitely not the case with Rob. That man lives and breathes Columbia City, and always will.

Mark B
2 years 9 months ago

@Tom T
It has been happening for quite a few years now as far as “neighborhood activists” go. You get someone who may have been genuinely concerned to start with, but next thing you know they have————- (left out on purpose) and a job with the city.

Tom T
2 years 9 months ago

Hi Joy,
You may not be aware of the latest, but Rob does indeed hold an official position with the City of Seattle Economic Development Commission.

His appointment

City of Seattle Legislative Information Service

Information retrieved on February 11, 2013 3:05 PM

Clerk File Number: 312749
Appointment of Rob Mohn as member, Economic Development Commission, for a term of confirmation to February 28, 2014.

Status: In Committee
Date for Full Council consideration: February 11, 2013

Date Filed with the City Clerk: January 28, 2013

Date introduced/referred to committee: February 4, 2013
Committee: Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations
Sponsor: Clark
Committee Recommendation: Confirm
Date of Committee Recommendation: February 5, 2013
Committee Vote: 3 (Clark, Conlin, Rasmussen) – 0

More on the commission

2 years 9 months ago

@Tom T – Tom, to clarify, Rob Mohn acts on a voluntary basis as a point-of-contact/ liason to the city on behalf of the Columbia City Business Association – he does not hold any paid or official position within OED.

That said, the CCBA has been focusing on a “South of Hudson” Initiative over the last few years, and those efforts have only been helped by funds from the City. A good example is the new mural in the Full Tilt parking lot, which was funded in part by a facade improvement grant. Future facade projects are in the works for two additional “South of Hudson” buildings, as well as (fingers crossed!) a project for sidewalk repairs.

Tom T
2 years 9 months ago

Maybe Rob Mohn can use some of that $65K earmarked for Columbia City to beautify that end of CC as part of his new responsibilities in the Mayors Office of Economic Development.

2 years 9 months ago

The landlord needs to give that building a good scrub down and fresh paint. It’s currently an eyesore and could be so much more aesthetically pleasing if they did that and took advantage of the detailing that’s already on the building.