Got Something to Say? Say It at Your RVP

The Rainier Valley Post is a volunteer-run, neighborhood-based forum that thrives on contributions from its readers and other members of the south-end community.

We invite and encourage participation in the form of letters to the editor, guest columns, op-ed articles, photos, event notices and more.

  • Letters to the Editor: Send your letter to the editor on any topic of interest to the Rainier Valley community. 250-word limit. Examples.
  • Guest Columns & OP-ED Articles: Op-ed articles are an opportunity to express an informed opinion — your organization’s opinion, perhaps — on a newsworthy topic currently in the news about which you may be considered an authority — crime, neighborhood planning, development, education, politics, etc. 500-word limit. Examples.
  • Photos: Send up to 10 photos of your community project, party or event. Examples.
  • Event Notices: Send up to 50 words, including date, time, brief description and a link or email to follow for more info. Examples.

Deadline is generally two-weeks prior to desired publication. Send questions and submissions here. We look forward to hearing from you!