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Light Rail, One Year Later

International Examiner/Julie Pham:

Last year, Light Rail opened to great fanfare at Othello Station. A coalition of neighborhood groups, including the Martin Luther King Business Association (MLKBA), organized the Othello On The Move festival to celebrate the long-awaited launch of Sound Transit’s Light Rail passenger services on July 17, 2009.

In the many months preceding July 17, the MLKBA reached out to businesses along the four-mile MLK corridor from the intersection of Rainier Ave and MLK down to Rainier Beach to help prepare them for new clientele that everyone hoped and expected the Light Rail would bring to this business district, which had stagnated during the years of Light Rail construction.

Lan Do opened Venus Chinese Restaurant in King Plaza, the shopping center just west of the Othello station, in February 2009. In an informal interview last June with the MLKBA, she expressed great hope that the train would bring even more business. At that time, her new restaurant was thriving. Read more.