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Local Mom Says Car Window Shot-Out Near Genesee


By Neale Frothingham

SOUTHEAST SEATTLE – A local mom was shaken but uninjured last week when it appears that someone shot-out the back window of her car while she was driving near South Genesee Street.

Last Tuesday, Mollia Jensen left her Seward Park home just after 2:30 p.m. on her way to pick up her children from school.

Left on South Genesee, right on 43rd Avenue South, left on Lake Washington Boulevard and pretty soon she arrives at their North Seattle campus. It’s a routine trip. Except when it isn’t.

At about 2:40 p.m. last week, as she slowed and passed the traffic circle on 43rd Avenue South at South Dakota Street, the rear passenger-side window of her vehicle shattered, spraying glass throughout the car.

“My back passenger window (behind me) was shot at and shattered,” she wrote in an email to the community. “I was terrified and sped up until I found some workmen and pulled over to call the police.”

While the responding officers didn’t find a bullet or an exit hole within the vehicle, Jensen says they told her that it looked like a BB or pellet gun.

“If my children had been in the car they would have been shattered with glass,” said Jensen. “I was lucky. It was scary.”

Seattle Police Department’s Public Information Office did not respond to requests for additional information, but the incident number is 2013 49522, and anyone who saw anything at that time or heard a gunshot near that location, can call 206 625-5011, press #2 and then press #8 to talk to a non-emergency operator at SPD Police Dispatch.