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Man Shot Outside Rainier Beach Safeway; Search on for Gunman


RAINIER BEACH – Seattle Police say a man was injured tonight when he was shot outside the Rainier Beach Safeway.

It was shortly after 6 pm when they say that the victim was shot in the chest on the east side of Safeway parking lot in the 9200 block of Rainier Avenue South.

Rainier Avenue was closed briefly in both directions from 51st Avenue South to 53rd Avenue South while police searched for the suspect.

This is a developing story. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

9 comments on “Man Shot Outside Rainier Beach Safeway; Search on for Gunman

  1. I’m sorry that the Silver Fork is closing down, but I’ll be glad when I don’t have to go to the RB Safeway to get inexpensive gas anymore. When I have the time I’ll drive down to the one in Renton just to avoid the area around the RB Safeway. I feel so sorry for the veterinary hospital near there.

  2. Well Solvay Girl, with an attitude like that the Silver Forkgas station won’t be any better. I hope you are involved in making things better. If you are not I invite you to join the Rainier Beach Moving Forward effort that this very moment is forming a community response to address what happened. email us @ to learn where you can help

  3. I heard the sirens last evening, then forgot about it. My beau went to Safeway within an hour of the shooting, unaware that anything had occurred. Rainier Avenue was not shut down and the only indication he had that anything had happened was two police cars off to the side and a hint of something he overheard between to checkers. So much for “manhunt underway.” None of the news has been updated yet this morning. I wonder what really happened. Meanwhile, my sister encountered a SWAT team event yesterday morning outside a Newcastle high school. How come that isn’t on the news anywhere that I have seen?

  4. @Belfire,
    Because the mayor and council are too busy collecting dusty muskets instead of focusing on reducing gun crime and gang violence. Interesting how the SPD has money and the will to put up cameras to fight potential terrorism along the Alki strip but that same out of the box thinking (they used federal port safety funds) hasn’t been used in the South Rainier Ave corridor.

  5. @Belfire – your point about Newcastle is well taken. A week or so ago the north end Mercer Island schools were on lock-down because of a domestic violence incident. The only place I saw that on the news was on the Mercer Island Reporter website. Why is THAT?

  6. Belfire, when I drove by I counted at least seven police cars plus one overhead helicopter. Police were out searching the grounds for evidence and the yellow tape was up.

    With regards to the Rainier Beach Safeway gas, I try to buy it at the Renton Safeway because it is cheaper. Anyone know why gas costs more at Rainier Beach Safeway than Renton when they are both in highly populated areas, and practically on the same road?

    Unfortunately, and probably because it is less expensive, they have longer lines too.

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