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Mayor Announces $263k for South-End Business Districts


RAINIER BEACH – Last week, Mayor Mike McGinn used Maya’s Mexican Restaurant in Rainier Beach as the setting to announce $1.6 million in business district investments throughout the city, including $263,500 for several in Southeast Seattle.

“I’m excited that the city is investing in the three major business nodes of the Rainier Valley: Columbia City, Rainier Beach and Othello,” said Executive Director of the Rainier Chamber of Commerce Susan Davis. “This funding will help ensure that we can bring business leaders together to maximize the potential of each of these major business areas.”

The south-end neighborhood business districts receiving funds are Beacon Hill ($57,500), Columbia City ($65,000), MLK-Rainier Valley ($76,000) and Rainier Beach ($65,000).

Other neighborhoods receiving funds include Capitol Hill/12th Avenue ($100,000), Chinatown/International District, $168,500), Pioneer Square ($100,000) and University District ($95,000).

The Only in Seattle initiative will also contribute $115,000 this year to support focused investments in Ballard, Georgetown, Madison Valley and South Park.

In addition, $450,000 is going to five neighborhoods for capital improvement projects designed to “enhance the commercial district experience”, including University District, Pioneer Square, Chinatown/International District, Roosevelt and Pike/Pine Corridor – Downtown.

The money will also include nearly $300,000 to continue the Only in Seattle marketing campaigns in 16 neighborhoods and help pay for building appearance improvements in the Chinatown/International District.

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4 Comments on "Mayor Announces $263k for South-End Business Districts"

Judith Lee
2 years 8 months ago

And does Ballard, the University District and Capitol Hill really need the infusion of public funds? Seems to me those areas are doing more than fine. Go figure.

2 years 9 months ago

I am also interested in how this money will be used? Who oversees this? How can businesses apply for this? Thanks.

Real Rainier Valley Girl
2 years 9 months ago

@Solvay Girl: I’m also dubious that $263,500 will be a game-changer in drawing, enhancing and saving businesses in southeast Seattle. What does “business district investment” mean, anyways? You are 100% correct about the city needing to invest in police and public safety. Few are going to patronize local businesses when we read about shootings in parking lots and people getting attacked and assaulted by “teen mobs”. Reality check.

Solvay Girl
2 years 9 months ago

I am totally underwhelmed by this news. $65,000 is not a lot of money when spread among a number of businesses.What is it supposed to be used for? It wouldn’t go very far on advertising or capital improvements. PR, maybe…I am always saddened when I see Columbia City ignored by the Stranger and the Weekly in their holiday shopping guides and other neighborhood guides.
I love this line “This funding will help ensure that we can bring business leaders together to maximize the potential of each of these major business areas.” They need $65K to “bring business leaders together”—these guys need to be paid?!
Personally, I’d rather see the City invest in more police for the south end so people can feel safe walking around said business districts after dark.