Mayor to Host Town Hall Meeting in Columbia City

COLUMBIA CITY – Mayor McGinn is planning a visit to the Rainier Valley this month to hear your concerns.

“As part of the Engage Seattle initiative, in order to ensure that as many people as possible who live, work, or play in Seattle are able to voice their concerns and offer their feedback directly to the mayor, we’re holding a series of town halls in every part of the city,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Sol Villarreal in an email.

The Columbia City Town Hall will be held Sat., Feb. 11, from 11 am to 12 pm at the Royal Esquire Club (5016 Rainier Ave. S.)

Photo/Peter Masundire

8 comments on “Mayor to Host Town Hall Meeting in Columbia City

  1. There’s a cool ice cream parlor across the street, that’s where I will be at Saturday the 11th.

  2. It will be 45 mins of bicycle and pothole talk. Meanwhile our neighbors are being robbed, mugged and killed. Can’t wait to vote him out.

  3. I have totally lost faith in our city government! They don’t give a care about us! I say revolution! j/k of course! But this really isn’t funny anymore! I don’t like being afraid to go outside and thinking about how I will have to keep my doors and windows locked during the summer! My son is afraid to take the bus anywhere without me!
    This is no way to live!

  4. Let’s get all 500 people from the Seward Park meeting to show up and repeat the message from last night.

  5. I unfortunatly coudn’t attend, can we watch it on Seattle Channel?
    Or did someone go and be kind enough to tell us what they thought of it?Thanks!

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