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New 3-Mile “Link to Lake” Walking Trail in the Works

COLUMBIA CITY – A new walking route is being developed to make it safer and easier to access Rainier Community Center and the surrounding park lands on foot.

Sound Steps – a free community-based walking program for adults age 50+ – is spearheading the project after conducting a pedestrian audit in September 2010.

“The goal of the audit was to investigate the area around Rainier Community Center with pedestrians in mind – seeing what positive things are in place, and what improvements could be made to make it safer and easier to access Rainier Community Center and the surrounding park lands on foot,” said Sound Steps spokesperson Marigrace Becker.

The audit included representatives from community members, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Police Department, Parks and Recreation, Public Health, the Rainier Chamber, Neighborcare Health and Hawthorne Elementary School.

The result of the audit was a report detailing highlights of the area as well as necessary improvements, as well as the decision to develop a “conceptual walking trail” that makes use of the various paved walking paths that are already in place in Columbia and Genesee Parks, plus a network of sidewalks that will ultimately promote health/walking and encourage greater use of area parks and Columbia City Business District.

Sound Steps will be hosting a preview of the “Link to Lake” trail walk on Wed., Nov 16, from 2 to 4 p.m. The group will meet at Columbia City Station on the east side of MLK Jr. Way S., at S. Edmunds St. and walk to Lake Washington, returning to Columbia City to enjoy snacks at Tutta Bella.

The three-mile round trip walk will be co-led by Rainier Chamber Executive Director Susan Davis.

“As our urban landscape changes, we learn to navigate new paths and experiences and by doing so we grow in how we understand our community,” said Davis. “On Wednesday, I will share my stories of what’s happening in our community, as well as hear new stories from this engaged and concerned neighborhood group.”

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