Open-Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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10 comments on “Open-Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. Kudos to my brother, who thwarted an Iphone jacking at the Columbia City LR station. Woman was texting away, completely unaware that three local hoods were eying here up. My brother tackled one of the kids, who immediately began crying. Little Somali kid running with the wrong crowd. Cops came down, phone was recovered, and little brother got a pat on the back. I imagine the kid caught a good beating from pops later that evening, thus ending his criminal career before it had a chance to really take off.

    Lesson? If you are standing around in the Rainier Valley at 1130pm keep you fool eyes open and stow the electronic gear. It also helps to be accompanied by someone willing to smack a teenager in the face, if need be.

  2. @ cbo: Good on your brother! Contrary to what Sound Transit says, the light rail stations aren’t well patrolled at night. It’s left to good samaritans to take a bite out of crime.

    What gives with the Purple Dot, located next to Emerald Fish and Chips? I walked by the Purple Dot last week and saw a sign advertising the sale of restaurant equipment. Is that location jinxed, or is there some other phenomenon taking place?

  3. CBO,
    Props to your brother for helping my wife out. Let’s not leave out the part regarding how my wife got the phone back. Once they snatched it she chased them down and got close enough to them that they ditched the phone. Your brother did a great job grabbing one of them till the cops got there.

    I hope you are right about strong adult figures that will straighten the kid out.

    We live 2 blocks from the C City station and really don’t feel concerned for our safety. Are there going to be some muggings, definitely. In general though, I would say it is fairly safe. Sounds like the Othello and Rainier Beach stations may need some help though.

  4. The Mount Baker station seems to get a lot of action also.

    I wish I could have seen this.

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