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Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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69 comments on “Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. Can’t stop a girl from making some $$$. She must be like a postal worker, come rain or shine or snow!

  2. Wow, Ok sorry, I am so used to seeing it in my area. Have to call the police all the time…see it behind the neighbors trash cans, on the corner, behind the fence…

  3. TomT….it’s a very nice website showing, once again, that the south end is low priority…..

  4. @Bev

    I hear you Bev. On the other hand, I had a good experience some time ago up in the town of Snohomish, I stopped at a gas station and the clerk at the counter gave me excellent directions to where I needed to ago–extremely courteous and helpful. That was about two years ago, and your post brought it back to my mind, so good deeds are remembered!

  5. Thanks, Tom T, for supplying the link that showed the Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) map detailing the use of snow-plow and deicing trucks. Nothing south of Beacon Avenue South and South Columbian Way and Lake Washington Boulevard up to Mount Baker Park. Even I am surprised that the DOT omitted Rainier Avenue South and MLK Jr. Avenue South were omitted. Real nice, DOT. Disrespect MLK Jr. by neglecting the arterial that bears his name and travels through the Rainier Valley. Geez.

  6. @Seadog
    I am right in your area so I know what you mean, but it wasn’t one of the “regulars”.

    @Tom T
    “Surprisingly, even the bike blogs admit that bike lanes don’t work in snow. ”

    I heard McShwinn is trying to nail down $40 billion in funding to put in radiant heating in the bike lanes.

  7. And yesterday morning they were saying on the news that the SDOT website was not working correctly.

    Imagine that.

  8. Our Full Circle Farm vegetable box was stolen off our front porch on Wednesday, while I was home. We are on the 3200 block of S. Hudson. Anyone else experience this?

  9. @Mike,
    I’m on Hamlet, and I got mine, without problem. I’m sorry to hear they nabbed yours. I’ve wondered if veggies were something that would be a thief magnet. I can kind of see someone following the UPS truck, but the farm truck? Sheesh.

  10. What was happening on Seward Park Ave (south of the PCC)Wednesday evening, 1/12/2012, that attracted at least 6 police cars? I have seen no mention of something so big that it needed so many police at one time to handle. Unless it was a riot (which I saw no evidence of) why do you need so many police in one place?

  11. RE police car congregation on Seward Park Avenue – that was on January 25 – can’t figure out how to edit previous comment.

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