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Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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15 comments on “Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. I am still in shock from the Sounders 6 – 1 loss to Santos last night night in the CONCACAF Champions leauge quarter final.

    Now It’s time for the season opener this weekend at the Clink.

    Go Sounders!!!

  2. So tired of this weather. I’m glad for the snow pack in the mountains, but the cold temps and snow are really getting to me. I just want to garden, is that so wrong???

  3. Don’t worry Sefue, I heard it’s only going to rain twice this week.
    Once for four days and once for three. J/K

    I’m about tired of it too.

  4. I actually did plant Wasabi. Did you know that wasabi loves water, and needs only one hour of direct light a day? I have never actually tasted the real stuff, but look forward to harvest time!

  5. Cool beans! Might be a good time to plant iceberg lettuce.

    March, in like a lion, out like a….lion.

  6. New restaurant opening today in Columbia City (old Roy’s BBQ location). Has anyone been yet? The owner of the African Imports store, next to Andaluz, is running it.

  7. What’s the backstory on the re-opening of Stan’s Burgers on Rainier?


  8. What about this rumour about PCC moving into Rainier Ave across from the old CC movie theatre? I heard in 2014 they will be there!

  9. La terranga– the new place in C.City– isn’t open yet, as far as i know. they’ll be serving senegalese cuisine. Looks good.

    also, while we’re at the restaurant game, maxim’s dancing club has been purchased and there is some remodeling going on.

  10. There’s also a juice place – Jus? – opening in the sandwich shop that closed recently. When’s the Gap coming?

  11. Really am impressed with Othello’s new cafe: Deo Valente Cafe. The feature panini breakfast sandwiches w/ prosciutto, mozzarella and basil (other sandwiches available), the espresso is Cafe Vita and the chef was making gelato in the kitchen. PB&J gelato? Wow, it was delicious.

    We should all support this new business. This is the kind of quality business we have been complaining never comes to our community and now we have it! Support it by swinging by for gelato, espresso or the panini’s…they are really good!

    So nice to have this to walk to now.

  12. @ Mark B Yes they do. In back, in the garage. I have to say I was not that impressed with the pricing on the espresso or the Gelato.

    I didn’t try the Panini and he has a wine and beer bar that I did not sample. Those could turn it around for me.

    I’m not sure the demographic he needs to hit is here yet. Too pricey and the space rent is too high without the prices. That is the perennial dillema of R.E. and business development in the RV.

  13. The wine menu has a list of the different bruschetta, which are fantastic. I agree that the coffee/gelato pricing is a bit high, but the bruschetta sampler is $7 and worth every cent. The pesto is especially good.

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