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Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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36 comments on “Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. Is anyone else upset that we will soon lose our #34 and #39 bus routes? I don’t think that a #50 from West Seattle will ever be timely enough to count on. Then, as we already know, connecting at light rail is challenging because of muggings. The #7 buses on Rainier are slow as molasses, and it’s problematic to wait on Rainier in the mornings because it irritates the drug dealers. They act like we’re cutting into their business! Apparently some neighborhoods rallied against the proposed service cuts and the cuts were dropped. It’s sad that our neighborhood doesn’t defend its interests very well. :-(

  2. My daughter is very upset about the 39 because she uses it to visit friends in the Interbay area all the time. Can’t wait till she can drive and I’ll have different things to worry about than muggings, etc.

  3. Yes, but we are getting more #9 service. The cuts and additions are system wide. In general, from lower ridership routes to higher ridership routes.

    The #42 also finally got wacked. It was redundant to the light rail but the Asian Counseling and Referral service on MLK hollered to high heaven and got a repreive. Once Metro documented that their were very few boardings and departures near the agency, the cuts were re-imposed.

    I share other people’s concerns about the #7 being slow, DANGEROUS, etc. From my house we could use the #34 to downtown much more safely and expedisously than the #7. That said, the #7 has some of the highest ridership in the Metro system, and the #34 was only two or three riders by the time it got to Rainier Beach.

    Metro is re-alligning limited service hours to where people are voting for that service by boarding and riding the bus the most. Makes sense to me.

  4. @Greener Grad
    That was the first thing I thought regarding the 50.
    The 39 is rarely less than about 10 minutes late, so throw in the bridge traffic and evry other possibility coming from West Seattle and they may as well not even have a schedule.

    Still trying to pump people onto the light rail.

  5. High drama at Van Asselt this morning. Exactly what we needed. It doesn’t matter how hard we work in our classrooms, the story is the scandal. Or the test scores, which will not be skyrocketing again this year.

  6. $30k in cash withdrawals? Sounds like she was heading to buy a 5lb bucket of weed…

  7. Choppers!

    Anyone know what’s going on? WSDOT doesn’t indicate traffic and Seattle 911 isn’t indicating fire activity so I’m guessing its the SPD.

  8. Mark – at the beginning of the article it said 5lbs — towards the end it said 5 gallons. 5lbs would be much more impressive.

  9. 5lbs in a bucket that size would be impressive.

    I guess you could put it in a compactor.

  10. Thanks, Tom T. Isn’t that the 2nd time recently for incendiary devices in RV banks? I’m mystified about why that would happen here (as opposed to maybe the financial district). Theories anyone?

  11. @14, yep I think its the 2nd time. Three theories –
    1) I think there still is an anarchist house up on Beacon Hill
    2) the SPD is too busy with other crime to pay particular attention to banks in the South Precinct.
    3) Nobody sees nothing down here.

    That said, I would guess that the upshot of the various bank crimes is an influx of federal law enforcement (FBI, BATF, Homeland Security, etc). Hopefully this might help the SPD with the recent shootings and gang activity.

  12. @Kathy
    My guess is maybe they were trying to wash away the urine smell from the entry way. I can hardly stand to wait near the ATM and sometimes you can smell it half a block away.

    That’s probably why the security guard outside is so cheery.

  13. @GG: I am bummed about the demise of the 34 and 39, too.

    When light rail began operating, Metro gutted the 7 express and 34 under the premise that there was a “duplication” of services, i.e., mass transit operating from the Rainier Valley and downtown (and visa versa). The very limited runs between the 7 express and 34 meant a drastic loss of ridership, and the eventual elimination of the 34 was guaranteed.

    Metro has been itching since 2009 to jettison the 39 in favor of the 50. The loss of the 39 means that people who live south of Othello Street have to walk or bike almost one mile (in an area with few straight-through streets) to RAS to catch the 7. Wonder how many of those people will start driving to work because of the inconvenience.

    The people for whom I truly feel bad are the military veterans who relied on the 39 to get from downtown to the VA hospital on Beacon Hill (and visa versa). Many of these patients have already traveled on at least one bus (or ferry) to make connections to downtown. Now, these veterans will have to take a bus or light rail from downtown to Sodo and then catch the 50 to the hospital. They get to wait for buses traveling through West Seattle traffic in the hot and cold weather, too. Nice way to pay your respects and gratitude to our veterans, Metro.

    What I find galling in disingenuous about Metro’s revenue shortfalls – and resulting service cuts – is that the transit authority does little to generate revenue beyond taxing residents and bus fares. Consider that Metro charges the SAME FARE for city and suburban riders during “off peak hours”. Somebody traveling from Federal Way, Klahanie or Covington to another part of the county pays the same $2.25 that you do to ride from Columbia City to Capitol Hill. Metro officials offer no logical justification for not charging suburban riders more money for the longer rides and additional gasoline that their travels cost. Granted, charging the additional fare won’t save four or nine routes. But in a time of austerity and penny-pinching, every dollar counts. Is it too much to as that the suburbanites pay their fair share?

  14. Right on, RRVG. It was very clever of Metro to hook the 39 route to Othello light rail and cut off all those riders south of Othello. Then severe cuts to the 34 forced more people off the route. I remember the controversy when Metro changed Mercer Island buses away from “one seat rides.” It’s a big push in the world of transit, seniors, disabled and safety be damned. There is a really big difference between eliminating “one seat rides” on Mercer Island and doing it in South Seattle. Rainier Avenue HAS DRUG DEALERS conveniently stationed on each block! In fact, I think that gangs own the different blocks. It’s tough enough as it is, but why set up turf wars between gang-bangers and bus riders? Don’t even get me started on those cheap, fast and clean suburban buses!

  15. I found it amusing that I received an offer in the envelope with my car tab renewal for 8 free metro bus tickets. And if I didn’t want them, I could donate the value of the tickets to a charity. Why oh why, if Metro is losing as much money as it says it is and cutting routes and service, does that make sense?

  16. @Rainier Valley Native
    I would order the free tickets and use them to start my BB-Q.

    But yea, how does that make sense?

    And have you seen some of the ideas for the “Climate Action Plan”?
    F’ing ridiculous.

  17. Actually, those who have delayed weeds until now will probably need a 5 gallon bucket: dandelions, chickweed, purslane, popgrass, black oxalis, and of course, quack grass.

    No, these aren’t gangs, but in many ways they act like them: they spread deep roots, proliferate quickly if not weeded out, thrive on poor nutrition that would kill most normal plants, and require constant vigilance lest they take over a whole yard. And if you only pull out part of the root, the weed might grow again.

    Yank ‘em out! Let’s make Seattle weed free one weed at a time.

  18. @Brian – it’s nice to be able to identify the weeds. The only one of these I knew was dandelion; now I know chickweed, purslane and quackgrass. Can’t find popgrass or black oxalis (which sounds beautiful, actually). Can you direct me to pictures?

  19. Is quackgrass another name for the horribly invasive horsetails? How can horsetails be killed?

  20. Rave:

    Standing in my front yard, drinking my coffee when I hear a ruckus up in the sky. A bald eagle is chasing an osprey around in circles. What a tense wild kingdom moment. I’m rooting for the little osprey, but then after a few minutes when another eagle shows up I have to admit that the osprey probably started it by trying to raid the eagle nest. It’s early in the day, and eagles tire quickly without much updraft, so they gave it up and went home. The osprey got away unscathed but he burned a lot of calories with that mistake!

    Things you don’t expect to see when you live in the city!

    what’s up with that house on the 4800 block of henderson where someone is leaving food scraps out for the birds? The bread and rice wasn’t so bad, but this week it was a half dozen fish heads. Man that’s going to be a nasty habit when the summer warms up!

  21. @Kathy

    Kathy, I’ll try and post some photos as some point. What I call popgrass is kind of a spindly weed with spindles for leafs. When you try and pull it out, often you will hear a very light pop and see small seeds explode out of it, thus planting next year’s crop of weeds. The black oxalis has kind of a small purplish leaf and a very small yellow flower. It is not the worst of weeds, but I refuse to give it any higher praise than that. Whether black oxalis is its actual name I am not sure.

  22. Thanks, Brian. Popgrass still doesn’t ring a bell, but I think I know what the black oxalis is. It looks kind of pretty when it’s young, but then gets scraggly and weedy-looking real fast. Since my interest in weed indentification is piqued, I Googled “northwest weeds” and came across this: http://nwfarmsandfood.com/index.php/what-weeds-can-tell-about-the-soil
    Seems that not only can the presence of a certain type of weed tell you a few things about the soil that it’s in, but can also help with whatever’s ailing that soil.

  23. that weed you call pop grass is the bane of my existence. I cruise my lawn in the very early spring, trying to pull it all up before it ‘pops’. My hubby thinks I’m nuts. Good news is you can eat it.

    Read name is this
    Common Name: Bittercress, Hairy
    Scientific Name: Cardamine hirsute
    Weed Type: Broadleaf
    Life Cycle: Winter annual

  24. Oh, THAT’s popgrass! Yeah, we’ve got lots of it. Thanks for the info, Carol. Also, thanks for your rave above – I think often about how cool it is to be able to see eagles and osprey in the hood.

  25. @Carol

    It looks like you nailed it. Maybe I will have some bittercress for lunch tomorrow. With catsup, natch.

    Thanks for the link! It was interesting.

    Kathy’s link talks about horsetails, and I quote:
    “Horsetail (Equisetum)
    Grows in low lime, sandy, light, acidic soil. Horsetail accumulates silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron and cobalt, which is released into the soil when it decomposes. Raising the pH and the fertility of the soil is the best way to eliminate horsetail from the garden.”

    Beware, you will soon be compost.

  26. I know people like to complain about SPD being too heavy handed, but damn, they should be cracking F’ing domes downtown right now.

    You say you don’t like getting your dome split, easy enough don’t be downtown smashing windows, cars, etc.

    I wish one of these clowns would get their hand severed breaking one of those huge windows. (Then they could have a cool nickname like Lefty or Stubbs.)

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