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Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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19 comments on “Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. Re: the Sounders….where’s a good neighborhood place to watch Sounders games? Rookies?

  2. I imagine Rookie’s would be a good place, but if you can get to the stadium for a home game the atmosphere is amazing.

  3. I found this story on MSN


    I like the line at the end.
    “Two days later, The Province newspaper reports the man has been found and identified as pastor Sam Lee of Lighthouse Ministries. The city has reportedly offered to give Lee and his family an all-expense paid trip back to the city. ”

    Really? Get treated like shit and you want to pay for me to come back?
    I wouldn’t want to come back if I was him.

    Did the city offer to fix his car?

  4. @4 How about just proactively policing downtown?

    Did you ever wonder why these protests don’t happen in Medina or Bellevue where there is likely a much higher concentration of 1% ers?

    Our city welcomes the slippery and is amazing when we slide down the slope.

  5. I went to the annual “Breakfast With the Chief” at the Sheraton yesterday morning. The South Precinct Captain, Mike Nolan, inferred that crime in the Rainier Valley has “decreased significantly” over the past few months, primarily because residents are much quicker to call 911 when they witness anything suspicious.
    I can’t say whether his pronouncements are correct, but let’s keep on looking out for each other, and don’t hesitate to call 911 if something strikes you as being out of the ‘norm’ in your neighborhood.

  6. @Mark B – hey, a free ticket for another cruise sure made the passengers of that ship that capsized happy, so why wouldn’t Seattle offer this poor guy a chance to come back and get abused again!

  7. Is it true that Seattle stores will have to charge for bags starting in July?

  8. @Meridan
    Yes, Cisse’s goal was incredible!
    It will be the EPL goal of the year.

  9. I just saw an elderly Asian man fall on the sidewalk on Rainier Ave. So. and a youngish African American man ran right up in seconds to help him up, dusted him off and helped him onto the bus.

    It was something I wish a lot of people not from the Rainier Valley would see.

  10. @Greener Grad–the plastic bag ban kicks in on July 1. Starting then, there will be a 5 cent (I think) per bag charge for paper bags, the stores keep the charge to offset the higher cost for the paper bags compared to plastic.
    I believe there’s still a city program to get free reusable bags to low-income city residents, if you can’t afford to just buy reusable ones and avoid the paper bag charges that way. And there are a few exemptions around, like at farmers markets, and I think it includes the small produce bags at grocery stores.

  11. Mark B gives good advice…
    I’ve been using my own bags for over 20 years. Keep a few bags dedicated for use with non-food items only. Be sure to use the plastic bags provided for meat/seafood and produce (I am 99% certain they will still be available). (These are great bags to use for walking the dog too.)
    You can often find cloth tote bags at the Goodwill Outlet at 6th & Holgate at $1.47/lb.—a very inexpensive way to get reusable bags. Keep a few in the car for unplanned shopping trips.

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