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Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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16 comments on “Open Thread Thursday: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. Cleveland High Music is having a combined Plant/ Rummage Sale May 25th and 26th in our Horticulture Building. We need to raise $ 1,400.00 to take 80 students to our annual “Music in the Parks” festival. If you have gently used donations, we would love to have them! You can drop them off in the main office at CHS, or contact

    Michelle Maury

    And we hope to see all ya all there!!!

  2. You know, I’m always hoping for new development that adds to the liveliness of the neighborhood. Development that will make the Valley more pedestrian friendly, put more eyes on the street, and help revitalize business on our main arterials. Ladies and gents, lets welcome our newest neighbor to the Rainier Valley, a five story self storage facility with 43 surface parking spots.


  3. Am I the only person bummed that Stan’s Drive In on RAS won’t be coming back? I didn’t realize until yesterday that A-list MMJ – the business occupying the site of the favorite Rainier Valley eatery – was a medical marijuana (hence, MMJ) cooperative. There are probably a dozen places on RAS where one could score MMJ, but there are too few places with kick-ass burgers and fish and chips like Stan’s. RIP, Stan’s.

  4. If you buy stuff on line, check out the seller carefully.
    Be careful what you purchase on eBay.
    A friend spent $50 on a penis enlarger.
    Bastards sent him a magnifying glass.
    Instructions said, “Do not use in the sunlight”

    I apologize in advance to anyone without a sense of humor.

  5. @Mark, So that’s why my husband gave me those 200% magnification
    reading glasses! And he said they made ME look sexy,,,

  6. I posted this a minute ago in the wrong thread.

    I just wittnesed a car break in a few minutes ago and called 911.

    The police were there in less than 5 minutes. Not sure if they will catch the guys, but damn they were there quick.

  7. Greener Grad, thank you for sharing the link to the transit survey. It strikes me as interesting that of the survey respondents, 32.8% indicated that they ride the 34 and 40.% ride the 39. Metro is terminating the 34 and 39 in September. Clearly, these are not under-utilized routes. I wonder what the ridership of the 50 will be as people wait for a bus (after riding light rail or another bus) that travels from Othello and Seward Park to West Seattle. Great customer service, Metro: TAKING WAY WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

  8. If people had wanted it, they would have rode it. Metro’s decisions were based on ridership. Low ridership routes got wacked, and routes with standing room only got more service (e.g. the #9).

    Don’t we want government to be efficient? I.e. Highest ridership per transit dollar spent.

  9. There was some s#@t going down in the neighborhood last night, it felt like the sirens didn’t fade until after midnight.

    The first warm day of summer and everyone is partying hard down at Atlantic Park. I’m glad folks are getting out, but I could do without the drinking and the assaults.

  10. @editor, Yes and apparently some guy was wandering the neighborhood last night with a broken jaw, knocking on peoples’ doors and asking for help but then generally being drunk and uncooperative when the cops and medics showed up to take care of him.

    For goodness sake, my teenagers know how to party more responsibly than some of these adults!

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