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Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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42 comments on “Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. A petition to change the way we elect our council members.


    Anyone want to convince me why I should support this?

  2. CBO. I had been opposed to this due to the poor example of the school board, but after working and working for equity in SE I decided to hold one person accountable for our welfare and beholden to us for re-election, is the way to go. Are you satisfied with the services rendered by our current city council?

  3. No, I am decidedly not satisfied with our current council. It would be nice to have a specific person to represent us. Thanks for your input.

  4. Is there any way to add a section that lets you access the comments without clicking through the story first? I think the comments are one of the most valuable parts of the RVP and it seems as though they are buried in the new format. How about a section titled “Comments” that posts the most recent comments?

  5. Tom T
    I agree. That was the 1st thing I posted on the new site. I notice I don’t visit the site nearly as often. It couldn’t be that difficult, could it?

  6. @Mark B & Tom T: Wha, wha. Lower left sidebar, right below crime headlines. Now that’ll be a $25 subscription for each of you, please. ;-)

  7. CBO and Mariana: The at-large system of electing council members is a dysfunctional and broken method that favors special-interest groups over the everyday citizens who have comparatively little influence on local government. The differences between the current council members are negligible in that with a little variation they are essentially the same people, i.e., white-collar professionals (attorneys, policy wonks, bureaucrats) who live in nicer or affluent neighborhoods . You don’t see working-class employees and tradespeople who live in Beacon Hill, Haller Lake or Delridge because the at-large system of electing council members works against them. Big money from developers, special interests and unions elects our council members. Is it any surprise that despite dissatisfaction with the dysfunction of local government that Tim Burgess, Sally Clark, Bruce Harrell and Tom Rasmussen faced no serious opposition when they ran for reelection? Special interest monies scared away legitimate candidates and guaranteed the same-old, same-old. In an at-large system, candidates make appearances at community festivals and events that you might attend. In election by district, candidates come to you by ringing doorbells, wearing down shoe leather, and listening to you on your porches. If they want to stay in office, they have to listen to us and not merely their biggest political contributors.

    If you have an issue to address with the council to whom do you contact? The council member who lives closest to you? The one who chairs the committee that you think has jurisdiction over your issue? Would that be Planning, Land Use and Sustainability? Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology? Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture? Think of the situation involving the infamous “porch” in the Rainier Valley, and how no council member or their employees rendered assistance in cleaning up the area and driving away the undesirables. (I take that back: Council member Sally Bagshaw graciously asked AFTER THE FACT if somebody would contact her staff about the situation.) If we had an elected representative from our district, we could’ve gone to that individual and demanded action. And if that council member proved unresponsive, we – not the Master Builders Association, Seattle Police Guild or Cascade Bicycle Club – would seek a legitimate challenger to that the politician’s place.

    I recognize that the election-by-district system could be subject to cronyism and gridlock. But the current system is broken and needs to be scrapped. Otherwise, a disproportionate amount of energy, services and monies will continue to go to South Lake Union and downtown. Our problems in our neighborhoods will continue to go unaddressed.

  8. Thanks RRVG. I’m in. As someone who was directly affected by the porch situation, I see how the problem could have been take care of years ago had we had a council member that was actually concerned about the neighborhood.

  9. Just heard 3 gunshots from the Safeway parking lot 5 minutes ago. I counted at least 12 police cars, 2 firetrucks, 2 fire chief trucks…so far.

  10. All 3 major news stations reported on their websites that Rainier Ave. was shut down in both directions immediately following the incident, but looking out of my window, I can see clearly that there is no shut down or slowing in traffic. Why is that?

  11. @Rachelle: Sorry you’re in the thick of it but thanks so much for your updates. SPD reported the RAS shut-down via Twitter a while ago but you aren’t the only one to report that it’s back open. Maybe the closure was brief?

  12. Thanks, guys. In all seriousness, we appreciate your feedback and your financial support. If every one of our readers contributed $25/year for the valuable service provided by our all-volunteer staff, we’d most certainly be able to continue.

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  13. Sending my $25 right now. Love you guys.

    Hubby and I were gassing up at Safeway at 5:55 last night. It felt a little chaotic there, but nothing you could put your finger on. I’m assuming it was a drug deal gone bad, there has been a lot of action at pocket park across from RBHS, and along that connector path going to Safeway. Am losing count of the number of times we have been 5 minutes and 2 blocks away from a shooting. Can’t wait until the daylight comes back.

  14. @Carol: THANK YOU! :-) I know I speak for the whole team when I say how much we appreciate your support! Honestly, as much as we need the money for operating expenses like hosting and such, it’s worth even more to know that you appreciate the effort. So thank you, again! :-)

  15. @editor, and for me as well, it’s not about the $25 as much as it is about me wanting to show my support!

  16. In light of Carol’s generous support, I would like to take this opportunity to respectfully challenge the next 10 most frequent commenters to step up and do the same. $25/year is all we ask and we are so grateful for your support!

    What do you say,
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  17. I think there are at least three people with the name of Chris posting here! I’m not frequent, but yes, my check is in the mail – no really, it is! Okay in tomorrows mail:)

  18. Thanks so much, christy olson! Your support is much appreciated! GO, team! Now, who’s next?! :-)

  19. Ok – check is on the way. (I couldn’t remember my Paypal password!)

    And thanks for what you do. I love connecting with my neighbors – Although wouldn’t it be nice if we could all meet in person sometime? Say at Lotties, or Rookies, or anywhere else? (Like a neighborhood meet and greet)

  20. Thanks, Manny! I love that idea, but we’ve organized several neighborhood meet & greets over the last few years and they weren’t very well attended. Anyone out there want to organize another? Thursday nights are great for me at any one of the great places you mentioned. ;-)

  21. I need to check and see when I sent my check last year…probably time to send another :)

  22. @Real Rainier Valley Girl: Thank you for your support!

    I want to take the opportunity to remind folks that we are NOT looking for your donations or hand-outs. What we ARE asking is that everyone who use this site contribute $25/year for the public service it provides. With 10,000-13,000 unique visitors each month, this is the only sustainable business model that makes sense. So please do your part, everyone!

    Thank you!

  23. Thanks so much, Mark B! Thanks to you, and all the others who have pledged in this thread alone, our hosting fees will be paid through July 2013. Now, who will get August through December? All we’re asking is $25/year from everyone who uses the site. Thank you for your support!

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    AUGUST: ?
    OCTOBER: ?

  24. The Stranger published an article a couple weeks ago about how many popular neighborhood blogs – My Wallingford, My Green Lake, U District Daily – have ceased operations because of lack of funding and resources. Another reason to send your check. Without the RVP, the only coverage that we’d receive about our community would be “breaking news” when the local news choppers hover over the valley after somebody gets shot at a gas station or fast-food restaurant.

    /s/ Ms. May


  25. I moved to Columbia City 5 years ago. I love RVP. It helps me feel connected to the entire Rainier Valley community.

  26. Thank you SO much, Patti! After an entire day of listening to people @#$%& & moan, and feeling crappy about it, you just made my day. :-)

  27. No, I didn’t Amber, but that’s great coverage. I thought it odd that the Stranger item didn’t mention the RVP.

  28. I got my paypal account sraightened out, so I sent my payment to cover March. I’ll send another $25.00 next week to cover September.

  29. i’ll pledge $25 as well. I appreciate what you guys do. And even though I’m not a frequent poster by any stretch, I do regularly check the RVP and enjoy reading the updates, news stories and comments and want to continue to be able to! Thank you!

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