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Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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20 comments on “Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. I’d like to do a photo essay on aging buildings that we need to work to preserve. What are your favorites?

  2. Seriously though, how about Empire Lumber? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the last remnant of the local lumber industry?

  3. I was walking down Rainier Ave. today and on the back of the south bound bus stop at Holden St . there was some green grafitti that read “Stop gentrification” withe “Stop” grafitied over in white with the word “More”

    Just thought it was weird.

  4. @CBO Empire Lumber is at the corner of MLK and 30th Ave S on the West side of the street. It’s a red building. If you look on google maps its still there.

  5. Tiffany, I am with you! Angie’s should be saved! All these new buildings that they want to put in are going to really clash with the neighborhood! And Mark B, did you see they chopped the cherry tree down today where the Happy Valley used to be? It made me so sad, that tree had been there since forever! Also they are putting a car lot in the empty lot! yuck! Ahhhh progress is so grand! NOT!

  6. I think they are just using the lot for parking for the workers on the project across the street. Don’t worry, it will be weeds and mattresses soon enough.

  7. I always wondered what was inside those Empire Lumber buildings. Antiques? An old wagon? A giant hornet’s nest? All of the above?

  8. Thanks Tom T. With their proximity to light rail I don’t think the building is going to last much longer.

  9. And has anyone noticed the piles of garbage and overflowing trash recepticles at a lot of the METRO stops along Rainier Ave. S.?

    F’ing nasty.

  10. So yesterday there was this story on CNN about Nancy Pelosi not being a fan of Congress.


    Then I see this one today about how she is against a Congressional paycut because it would “diminish the dinity of lawmaker’s jobs”


    Are you kidding? That has to be about the most indignant group I can think of.

  11. “but isn’t it the last remnant of the local lumber industry?”

    We still have Steward Lumber: Rainier @ 21 Ave.

  12. I notice the spot that was going to be Replay Sports is now one of those “We buy gold” places.

    I went by Replay sports a couple of times but it was never open.

  13. Saw that too. Interesting that a neighborhood that can’t support a trader joe’s somehow has a bunch of gold and jewelry to sell. Hmmm…

  14. I would bet dollars to donuts that a lot of it is probably stolen in burglaries, so there could be other neighborhoods unwillingly supporting this business and others like it.

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