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Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

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16 comments on “Open Thread: What’s on Your Mind, Neighbors?

  1. How does Southeast Seattle support so many medical marijuana dispensaries? People say that South Seattle could not support a Trader Joe’s store, yet marijuana isn’t cheap. Are customers driving from all over the area to get pot, or do all the customers live in Southeast? Can someone explain?

  2. A few months ago the topic of a suspicious male on a bike was knocking on doors claiming he was a neighbor and needed help paying for a locksmith. Some of the posters (including myself) felt that this guy was either casing the area or checking around to see who was or wasn’t home.

    Lo and behold, I’m reading the Central District neighborhood blog and came across the same guy. Apparently this guy gets around – Although I’d hardly call him “charming”:


  3. Hawthorne Elementary School was officially designated a S.T.E.A.M. school last night by the school board! The addition of the Arts in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program makes it particularly unique and effective for elementary school students – adding a visual component to enhance what are, for some, abstract ideas. This designation does not come with extra funding, but does allow the school to shape its curriculum in a more flexible manner. They have already implemented some STEAM program elements into the school to date, and this is a great achievement that is something to get excited about. Congratulations to the staff, teachers, and parents who were essential in putting together the successful proposal!

  4. does anyone know what happened to the character who used to wander around Othello near Rainier? He used to buy his morning (afternoon and evening) beer at Valero, and he’d routinely harass cars at the light. I’ve had some run ins with him, then he realized that he couldn’t harass me. We used to kindly refer to him as “googly eyes”. I knew he wasn’t long for this world, or at least long for freedom. We haven’t seen him since last spring.

  5. A parking lot or a beach, that is the question. I like the idea of the beach as long as it does not become like Pritchard Beach, drug buy hangout spot. The good thing about the Beer Sheva area is that it is so visible. Okay, so is safe Safeway, but I can dream a little. It would be nice to have a swimming spot…

  6. Is there any reason there cannot have a boat launch, beach and parking lot. There is a great grass area. use that water front for the beach over too and North of the docks. Leaving the parking lot for those using the beach and for the boaters. Everybody gets what then want and need.

  7. @Kathy, thanks for the plug for that resource, I’ll take a look at it and add it to my list. I’d rather follow my local events than read the ‘disaster of the moment’ main stream news!

    @Old Guy – this is my concern as well, the parking lot is nice for folks who want to come launch boats. As someone who lives near the park, I get a lot of boat trailers parking in front of my house in the summer. I’d hate to see that get worse. I think a lot of the current grass area might get redone as part of the creek restoration project. I haven’t seen any drawings of the final creek plan, but I think I’ll start looking at them.

  8. Truly, I really want a ‘ swimming hole’ for my family. Pritchard Beach is a drug- bad place. But this area is so visible. Okay despite the visible problems with the area, like Safe-way … But, I want a beach. I want a beach where I can take my child and swim, safely. And, I believe this is very close & possible. Let’s take this area, and swim this summer. We need this.

  9. Now I’m confused because I’m reading up on the Mapes Creek restoration project, and I don’t see how that and a sandy beach could coexist in the same spot. It doesn’t seem like there is enough physical room for both of them the way it seems to be pictured. I’m also not sure when the salmon hatch and need to shelter, but if it is in the summer then that probably wouldn’t work well with a beach full of folks swimming around. I hope the left hand knows what the right hand is doing!

  10. @Greener Grad: Look for South Seattle Cop to do just that next Sun., Feb. 17th in our exclusive new column, “Ask South Seattle Cop”!

  11. @Greener Grad
    That just gives you an idea of how many people partake. It’s not new, just newly legal.

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