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PCC Moving to Columbia City


From Lakewood-Seward Park Community News

COLUMBIA CITY – The recently announced construction of a PCC in Columbia City has Seward Park residents wondering what they might expect as a result. The new store opens in 2015 on the site of the current Columbia Plaza. There are many unknowns to be worked out, but Scott McCormick, store director for the Seward Park PCC, has shared some information in response to questions from his shoppers and neighbors.

The Columbia City PCC, just one mile from the present store, will be the ground floor tenant of a five-story multi-use project called The Angeline (shown below), which will have 193 apartments. The new PCC will be more than twice the size of the Seward Park PCC and offer almost five times the parking. The larger space, like the other new PCC stores in recent years, allows PCC to offer more products from local producers and to hire additional staff. The current location will be closed, likely at the same time the new store opens. PCC has no plans for the Seward Park site at this time but is very mindful of the concern of nearby residents that it be used in a way that complements and supports the neighborhood.

PCC is also aware of the opportunity the new location in Columbia City presents to serve a wider range of customers and interests, and welcomes input from local organizations and individuals as to how the co-op can continue to be a valued community resource and member. Anyone with suggestions is invited to share them with Scott at the store, or through Diana Chapman at PCC’s business office at 206-547-1222.

Photo/Rainier Valley Post