Police: Men May Have Killed Each Other Over Woman

by Eric Heintz, KOMO Newsradio (RVP news partner)

RAINIER BEACH – The two men killed outside Maya’s Mexican Restaurant Feb. 21 may have shot each other over a woman, according to police.

Police think George Hendricks Jr. and Lucky Dozier killed each other last week outside the restaurant on Rainier Avenue South. reports one of the men was in the restaurant with a woman when he was confronted by the other man.

They went outside where both were fatally shot.

4 comments on “Police: Men May Have Killed Each Other Over Woman

  1. Huh. When I thought it was two unarmed men getting cut down I was horrified. Two fools shooting each other over a woman? I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’m OK with that. Rather have this kind of stupidity than drivebys aiming for kids.

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