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Police: Woman Attacked, Robbed by Teen Mob in Rainier Beach

RAINIER BEACH – Seattle Police say a woman was attacked and robbed Tuesday evening while walking along Renton Avenue South near South Cloverdale in Rainier Beach.

According to SPD spokesperson Detective Renee Witt, it was about 9:30 pm when the 38-yr-old female victim was attacked from behind by several teenage males in the 8600 block of Renton Avenue South.

“One of them put her in a headlock and forced her to the ground while the others took her lunch sack and purse,” wrote Witt. “A witness heard the woman scream as she pointed at the youths stating she had just been robbed.”

She added that the witness chased two of the teenagers while others in the group split off.

“An officer intercepted the witness’s foot pursuit and captured one of the suspects as the witness kept chasing the others,” she added.

An extensive area search, including K-9 and King County’s Guardian One helicopter, turned up a 15-year old male who was arrested at the scene. He was later booked into the Youth Service Center for Investigation of Robbery.

The other suspects remain at large.

8 comments on “Police: Woman Attacked, Robbed by Teen Mob in Rainier Beach

  1. Once again a lone female gets attacked, probably got off the light rail at Henderson? There is a gang of thugs that hang out at that stop. It is really intimidating to see them there! This is the second female that has been attacked down there in a matter of weeks. What is being done? Nothing that I can see!

  2. Was that the reason for the helicopter circling over the library area late last night along with the line of police cars on Rainier down by 51st ave.? I’m thinking it was something separate.

  3. Must have overlooked the bit about the helicopter. Nice to know they were out in force. Glad to see it, but not. I go jogging not far from that area and there has been a notably more hostile vibe. Mostly kids being flat out obnoxious, but it does seem worse than usual.

  4. I work on Rainier and have noticed that the activity of a group of young men has increased this week. I see these kids all the time and they seem to have taken over my neighborhood. Haven’t seen cops around lately. They (the kids) like to hang out at the bus stop on Rainier & Wildwood Ln.

  5. Once again, the Police need to put that mobile command unit in the area, now! We need real and dedicated policing down here. My child goes to school at South Shore Elementary, I work on that campus as well. Can we pressure the mayor or police chief to cover this area better 24/7!

  6. Just wanna point out that community safety is both a right AND a responsibility! Parents, police officers, public officials, neighbors, business owners and anybody else who goes blind where community welfare is concerned (I.e., making assumptions that teens will be teens) are just as much a part of the problem as those who won’t “snitch” when they witness a crime being committed! What a beautiful world this will be when we can all walk around freely no matter the time of night, our gender, age, or family status….beautiful indeed! However we’re not there – we’re here! Oh but here could be there….just over the fence is Seward Park, Lakewood, Lakeridge, Beacon Hill, et al!! And can anybody guess what common denominator is shared by them and other neighborhoods where crime is lower and/or non-existent??? I’m told it’s neighborly concern, connection and involvement that goes the furthest distance in building a sustainable crime reduced community….y’all google it!

    Oh and for the record, I also have a teen child (and was one myself – good gawd!!) and while its sometimes tough to monitor them, they happen to be a protected class until they’re grown, which means we as a community must ensure their care!!! I for one would love to see us come together to at least clean up the litter on our streets. We can tackle the issue of arse kicking,
    roaming teenagers and the adults who disserve them another day!

  7. Oop meant that rant for the other story about the teen who attacked her attacker….or did I?

  8. Just across MLK at S Trenton, 2 blocks away, I found the contents of a woman’s purse the next morning. No cash, but credit cards, ID, signed checks (!) were all scattered around. The driver’s license had an address on S Renton. I turned it all in to the police, but I’ve been thinking of that woman all week. I wonder if it was the same one? Peace to her, or both hers.

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