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Rainier Beach High School Seniors to Get Free SSCC Tuition

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RAINIER BEACH – South Seattle Community College (SSCC) announced Wednesday that all graduating seniors at Rainier Beach High School will receive one-year of free tuition starting this fall, thanks to the 13th Year Promise Scholarship.

The scholarship, which is privately funded by the South Seattle Community College Foundation, offers one year of free tuition to graduating seniors from Cleveland High School, Chief Sealth International High School and now, Rainier Beach High School. All three schools are located in South Seattle Community College’s service area.

South Seattle Community College President Gary Oertli announced the news to Rainier Beach’s seniors during a surprise announcement at their school.

“This gives me a chance,” Taylor Allen, a Rainier Beach High School senior said. “High school is getting ready for college and college is getting ready for the real world. This is our time; this is the new Rainier Beach.”

In addition to receiving one year of free tuition to South, 13th Year Scholars also receive academic support as they transition from high school to college.

“It’s important for us not just to see these students come to our campus, but to walk across the graduation stage” Oertli explained. “The 13th Year program sets up its students to not only succeed in the classroom, but in life after graduation. The scholarship has made a lasting impact on hundreds of students and thanks to the generosity of our donors we will be able to continue that legacy at Rainier Beach.”

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8 comments on “Rainier Beach High School Seniors to Get Free SSCC Tuition

  1. This is terrific news! I bet RBHS could use volunteers to help the kids fill out the college application and any necessary FinAid info. If I wasn’t back in school myself this year I’d do it—next year for sure if they need it.

    It’s also nice that the 50 can get kids from RB to WS.

  2. That’s wonderful! Now we need a shuttle bus to take them over the bridge to SSCC. Or better still, SSCC needs to open a new college on this side of the water.

  3. Mona. Perhaps you could spur SCCC to do something similar for all Seattle high school students whose families live below a specific economic level. With the light rail expansion southend kids will have easy access to the Broadway campus.

  4. Thank you South Seattle Community College Foundation for making the scholarships avail. What a wonderful gift and we as community members must assist the schools with making sure the students fill out their paper work correctly and get it turned in on time. As far as getting transportation to the college, this is a no brainer, it will work itself out. Lets just be thankful for the scholarship. Our youth want so much to be successful and for you to be proud of them. Most will give back to their communities as a thank you. Some are actually giving back now, by volunteering at the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club and other locations. Thank you again SSCC Foundation.

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