Police: Rainier Beach Teen Attacked While Walking to Bus Stop

RAINIER BEACH – A 14-year old girl says she was assaulted this morning as she walked to a Rainier Valley bus stop.

Police say it was about 7 am when the student was assaulted by a man while walking in the 9800 block of 62nd Avenue South near Waters Avenue South.

“The victim stated that the suspect grabbed (upper shoulders area) her from behind and she screamed for him to let her go,” wrote Seattle Police Department spokesperson Renee Witt. “The victim continued to struggle and scream until a truck backed out of a nearby driveway. The suspect then let go and fled eastbound on S. Ryan St.”

The victim was uninjured, and an area check proved unsuccessful.

According to police, the suspect is described as a black male, 18 to 21 years-old, 5-feet 9-inches tall, 145-lbs, with slim build, short black hair and dark complexion. He wore a cloth covering his face below the eyes and black cloth gloves.

12 comments on “Police: Rainier Beach Teen Attacked While Walking to Bus Stop

  1. I am glad the young lady is uninjured as well. I am also so sick and tired of reading “an area check proved unsuccessful.” after each one of these stories.

  2. Those locations don’t make sense – 62 Ave. S near Waters is several blocks north of E. Ryan. How did they know the attacker ran down Ryan?

  3. Holy cats! What the heck is going on in our neighborhood? What is it going to take to get more patrols? It’s getting more and more dangerous to go out in broad daylight!

  4. Just read another account – which made better sense locationally for me. @Yocheved – yeah. Part of what made me blink was that I was on Ryan, in the direction he was heading, at about this time. Didn’t notice anything. :/

  5. There are Level 3 sex offenders living in South Seattle and elsewhere in the city. King County Sheriff’s office has a listing on their website.

  6. I hope the police step up patrols now. The recent gun violence in the area is nothing compared to this. If this guy lives in the area, it is highly likely he will try again. Can’t wait till my daughter can drive and stop taking public transit.

  7. I’m looking forward to another Erica Barnett article telling us this is all in our head.

  8. @CBO
    Ef’ing funny (but not since I can see it happening) .
    And remember it’s Erica C. Barnett, the C is for cozenage.

  9. Guess it is time for the city to start offering self defense and pepper spray classes to protect our kids…

  10. Mark B, I thought the “C” for Erica C. Barnett stood for “credibility”. But I love cozenage.

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