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Rainier Valley 6-Year Old Spearheads Collection Effort for Homeless Families

Several years ago, Rainier Valley neighbor Sebrena Burr and her baby daughter Rena Mateja (right) were on the verge of homelessness when they went to Wellspring Family Services for home.

Now, the two are not only stable at home, but also two of the Rainier Valley’s most vocal advocates for children and families.

“I believe it’s our job to leave this world better than we found it,” said Sebrena, spokesperson for Wellspring Family Services, board member at Atlantic Street Center, Community Representative for Head Start programs locally and nationally, and a role model for her daughter day-in and day-out.

Meanwhile, daughter Rena started collecting pennies and dollars to “help homeless babies”, and the idea soon grew into a grassroots fundraising campaign powered by children.

Kids Helping Kids” provides children with an opportunity to engage in thoughtful philanthropy by asking their families, schools and communities to donate coins in support of Wellspring’s work fighting homelessness. The deadline for the current campaign is next Wed., Sept. 1.

Together, this mom-daughter-duo says they’re “just doing their part”.

Children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the U.S. today. Tonight, more than 2,000 children are homeless in King County. Last year, Wellspring Family Services helped more than 3,514 homeless children.

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2 Comments on "Rainier Valley 6-Year Old Spearheads Collection Effort for Homeless Families"

5 years 2 months ago

Is she from the ‘down with Winnie the Pooh’ gang?

Okay, I totally apologize, but I couldn’t resist. Thanks RVP for a pleasant piece of news on a Friday afternoon!

Mark B
5 years 2 months ago

I almost freaked at the begining of the title “Rainier Valley 6-year old”
I was thinking whats next, and then a nice story.