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A few facts to place Stakeholder’s comments in historical context:

SHA’s original Holly Park and Rainier Vista public housing sites were built to house defense workers and veterans in the 1940s and were converted to public housing back in the 50’s back when the Rainier Valley was a diverse working class neighborhood – SHA did not choose SE Seattle as much as inherit it among the many other neighborhoods they serve such as High Point in West Seattle. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NewHolly, Seattle for more info.

SEED and Mt Baker Housing Association were formed to serve housing needs in SE Seattle in ways that market landlords can’t or won’t. They are place-based organizations just as Capitol Hill Housing and the Delridge Neighborhood Development Association are. SEED has done many things beside build affordable housing such as contribute greatly to the revitalization of Columbia City and was responsible for the rehabilitation of the Lake Washington Apartments.

Mt Baker Housing Association has rehabilitated apartment houses that were below acceptable occupancy standards yet were still open and charging rent despite the hazards and dangers on site.

Blaming the non-profits for the economic fortunes of the Valley is misguided; the truly negative impacts are at a much higher level of ingrained injustice and patterns of discrimination that these very non-profits are working to alleviate through practical measures.

The dialogue that occurs here between friends, neighbors and engaged citizens is one of the features that makes your RVP such a valuable community resource. Your RVP does not necessarily endorse the opinions expressed in the Comment of the Week.

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Tom T
4 years 9 months ago

Given the low cost of housing in other parts of the country I’m curious whether there has been any thought to taking advantage of these prices to provide housing for more low income folks. Even with moving costs it seems as though you’d be able to serve twice as many folks for the dollar.