What Have Seattle Politicians Done for Southeast Lately?

By Mariana Quarnstrom

Believe it or not, we are approaching the next campaign season where we will elect a new Mayor and new City Council.  This will be Seattle¹s most important election in decades.  Those of us who live in Southeast Seattle, need to take a close look at the candidates and choose the candidate that best represents our unique community.

Southeast Seattle neighborhoods have largely been left out of decision-making for the last decade.  It¹s time to elect a new Mayor and City Council that understands our community and listens to the needs of residents. The next election should be about change, and supporting new leaders that put the focus on our neighborhoods.

Both of the previous Mayors have prioritized big downtown development projects, and deprived neighborhoods of funding.  This next election needs to be about re-investing in our neighborhoods and improving our quality of life.

In the next election, your vote can change the future of Seattle. Take a closer look at the candidates, only one candidate has a proven track-record of putting neighborhoods first — Peter Steinbrueck.

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