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Seattle Cop Assaulted, Punches Girl in Face During Mt. Baker Jaywalking Stop


Seattle police are investigating what they call an assault of an officer in South Seattle.

However, a police officer is seen punching a 17-year-old girl in the face during the incident captured by a cell phone camera on Monday.

According to Seattle police, the incident began when an officer spotted a man jaywalking in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. at approximately 3:10 p.m. The man was some 15 feet away from a pedestrian overpass, police said. Read more.



On June 14th at approximately 3:10 p.m. a uniformed patrol officer was driving north in the 3100 block of MLK Jr. Way South in a fully marked police car. The officer observed a male pedestrian j-walk across MLK Jr. Way South, an arterial street. There is a pedestrian overpass (foot bridge) about 15 feet to the north of where the male pedestrian j-walked. The officer stopped the pedestrian. While interacting with the 18-year-old male pedestrian, the officer observed four female pedestrians j-walk at the same location that the male pedestrian just had. The officer instructed the females to step over to his vehicle. They were verbally antagonistic toward the officer.

One female subject turned and began to walk away. The officer again instructed her to step over to his car. She continued to walk away and appeared to raise her hand in a dismissive gesture. The officer contacted the female subject and began escorting her back toward his car. The female subject began to tense up her arm and pull away from the officer while yelling at him. Once at the patrol car the female subject refused to obey the officer’s commands to place her hands on the car. When the officer again tried to gain control of her, she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer’s grip several times.

As the officer contacted and subsequently escorted the second subject over to his patrol car, she too tried to pull and twist away from him. The officer restrained her until backup officers arrived, at which time the second subject was handcuffed.

At this time a large crowd gathered around the officer. When the officer tried to handcuff the female subject, another female subject intervened. The second female subject placed her hands on the officer’s arm, causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject’s escape. The officer pushed the second subject back, but she again came at the officer, at which time he punched her. The second subject moved away and the officer was able to handcuff the first subject and place her in the back seat of his patrol car.

Suspect #1, a 19-year-old female, was booked into the King County Jail for Obstructing an Officer. Suspect #2, a 17-year-old female, was booked into the Youth Service Center for Investigation of Assault on an Officer. Both suspects were cited for j-walking. Nobody appeared to be injured as a result of the altercation. SFD medics responded and evaluated suspect #2 as a precautionary measure.


69 comments on “Seattle Cop Assaulted, Punches Girl in Face During Mt. Baker Jaywalking Stop

  1. the woman was resisting arrest, the female in the pink shirt was interfering; the police officer was justified. all parties were j-walking and the officer was justified. period. and let me add, i would have hit her harder.

  2. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that there is also a crosswalk with its own signal about 30 feet in the opposite direction — giving those stupid girls the option to cross legally at street level if they were too lazy to walk up to the ped overpass.

  3. There were 4 girls to one officer so they felt they had an advantage over him.I am on the officers side. What if he had zapped her with his taser? I believe people would still be in disbelief. The officer had every right to defend his safety. He was being assaulted by an individual which changed the situation from her happening to be a woman or girl into a threat to an officers safety.She committed a battery on a police officer. NAACP I believe that you are in error here.I am African American.

  4. The officer exercised bad judgment. Every move he made escalated the situation. BTW, the girl shouldn’t have interfered or pushed him. However, the officer was not under attack when he struck out. The girl was backing away when he grabbed her hands and punched her in the face. Also, the “crowd” was mostly watching and trying to stop the officer from escalating. One knucklehead said something inappropriate. The officer didn’t feel he was in danger. If he had he would have cuffed the girl BEFORE he began to tussle ineffectively with the first woman. The officer behaved badly by letting teenagers get under his skin and acted in anger.

    Finally, the SPD report is inconsistent which tells me they are trying to cover for the bad actions of this officer. The tone of these comments is disturbing to me. I am unaccustomed to seeing a female being punched in the face by anyone, much less someone who is fully armed. I am amazed at the lack of surprise or shock by others. I can’t help but wonder what the reaction would have been if she had been white.

  5. How dare any of you blame the parents! Life is about choices and these girls made their own choice to disrespect that officer. My only question regarding this incident is punching the girl in the face “reasonable” force? Everyone has so much to say but if that were their child, I know that their stance would change. Yeah the girls were completely wrong, but I can’t help but think that the officer could have handled things differently. To think that all of this was over jaywalking….SMH

  6. Watching the video and reading the attached report, coupled with the “history” of the area sheds a much brighter light on this entire scenario. At first blush one sees and officer punch a girl and one immediately raises and eyebrow asking “Why?” and screams for justice .
    When one looks at the totality of the circumstances that dim shed of light now becomes even clearer and brighter. As bad as it looked on the first viewing I now concur with the officer and his actions.

    Bob in L.A.

  7. This racist media is biased toward the police officer who clearly did not do what was described in this article. If you watch the video, you will clearly see what the young women did and what they did not do. The police officer did not follow law enforcement protocol in dealing with a hostile situation. It was out of line and if it had been any White person, especially a White woman, the article would be written in favor of the hostile subject.

  8. “Everyone has so much to say but if that were their child, I know that their stance would change.”

    If that were my child, the cop’s (perfectly legal, and trained) punch would be the least of her problems.

    “To think that all of this was over jaywalking”

    Exactly, what the hell were these girls thinking refusing to follow a policeman’s instructions, especially when clearly this action was intended to prevent these kids from getting killed by a car.

  9. “How dare any of you blame the parents!”

    Where do you think kids learn such god awful behavior that these kids are showing?

  10. “The officer didn’t feel he was in danger. If he had he would have cuffed the girl BEFORE he began to tussle ineffectively with the first woman.”

    To quote one of the “camera men” Seriously?, Seriously?

    He wasn’t planning on cuffing the girl, the tussle started when he was walking her to the car and she started acting like an ass. She would have got off with a warning but decided she wanted some new “bracelets” Bling, Bling!

  11. Last year, I was run-walking to cross at 5th & Jackson (busy intersection) and the crosswalker light had 2 seconds left. I stepped into the intersection and took another step and saw an SPD officer across the intersection. He looked at me, blew his whistle and waved his hands at me to move back so I stepped back onto the curb. Was in such a rush that day and remembered thinking how stupid I was to be in such a rush and risking ignoring a traffic signal or an officers instructions, or worse getting plowed down by a car. We choose our actions, that choose our outcomes. This jaywalking incident could have ended differently if the people chose to follow the officers instructions.

  12. Support the policemen 100%. That girl was looking to her right before she interfered with the policemen to make sure there was a camera on her. The policeman was set up.

  13. One of the jaywalking “mosies” out on Rainier Ave. S. got caught and didn’t like it. No surprise. These people express thier anger at the world by walking in front of cars on a busy road. Forcing people in cars to stop for them is their way of marking their territory. It was expected that this same self-righteousness would carry over to engaging with a police officer.

  14. she got luck y she wasnt beat up and shot at. looks like this girl wanted to show who was in case and got punched instead.. if you ask me walk away before you get into a lot more legal trouble.

  15. Leading off from Mikey K’s post… If “these people” will engage in such a violent attitude with a cop… how would the interaction be with us people not in uniform? Mr. Diaz needs to show absolute support for the cop here. He should have the last time.

  16. They were purposely being as difficult and impossible as they could, so that he would just give up and they laugh and spit in his face. He did his job, in a hostile impossible situation. He should have never been alone. Unbelievable. Shame on SPD for putting an officer in such hostile environment by himself. Locations like that need 2 officers – big tall ones. ALWAYS. He was out numbered, and dealing with disrespectful ingrates (by the way this is the average mentality of the next generation – our future ~! ) These girls obviously have no respect for any authority figure. Their goal was defy and overcome. Thanks Al Sharpton, but this is not exactly what MLK meant or had in mind, by “we shall overcome.” . Your future legacy is showing their behinds. Equiality means respect for others, its not a one way street. Need Respect? First give it! Act respectfully, behave respectfully, and respect authority figures and the laws! Only then shall you receive it!Respect = equality which then = harmony, peace and progress! Want a better future, BE part of it~! Sing it Aretha! R E S P E C T !!

  17. This is when a walking and breathing Chip-on-their-shoulder, meets someone who can knock off the chip, legally. Those women are STOO-PID. Poor cop.

  18. I remember walking down the street one day, near Orcas, and this little boy of about 8 years old walks past us, as we are walking our dog. The boy looks at our dog and then says, “I’ll sic my pit on that dog.” That is, he was interested in having his pit bull attack our dog.

    I do believe this stuff starts in the home. I can’t ever remember being that messed up, or knowing anyone that messed up, when I was a kid. That kid was intentionally raise that way, which is the point of my post.

    There are people who will raise a child like they will raise a pit bull. They are inclined to believe that their community is so tough and mean, that they can one day be proud that their little boy grew up to be a fierce warrior. Somehow, they never seem to put two and two together to realize that fierce warriors end up in prison, unless they live on an island, alone.

    Peace out.

  19. If that cop can’t handle the girl without punching her. He should not be on the police force. He lacked proper training.

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