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Seattle Transit Blog on Rainier Beach Parking Fees: When RPZs Attack

The South Seattle Beacon recently published an articlereposted by your RVP – about city plans to start charging Rainier Beach residents $65 to park in front of their own homes.

Today, the Seattle Transit Blog says that article contains inaccurate statements and presents a negative slant on the issue that serves to alienate Sound Transit and the City from the community.

“…at the end of the day, [Sound Transit and the City] would be doing a greater injustice by not fighting the hide-and-riders hogging parking in Rainier Valley neighborhoods,” wrote Seattle Transit Blog writer and Sound Transit employee Sherwin Lee.

From the article:

The Beacon notes that the enactment of the RPZ fee was initiated to help plug up funding for operating the Link Station, when in actuality, the money goes to fund municipal parking enforcement, not Sound Transit coffers.  There’s also no indication of the true nature of RPZ 31– an agreement publicly formed years ago after extensive public outreach, not some deal struck overnight.

Some of those quoted in the article imply that Rainier Valley residents are being unjustly singled out to bear the brunt of RPZ costs.  But not only are RPZs not just limited to the Valley, they’re prevalent across the city, even in neighborhoods that supposedly get the preferential rock-star treatment.  The Beacon also doesn’t any mention of an important component of the RPZ program–a discounted $10 permit available to low-income households — less than 2 cents a day over two years. More.

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