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Shots Fired in Attempted Medical Marijuana Rip

RAINIER BEACH – Seattle Police say that a group of men opened fire on the home of a medical marijuana grower in the Rainier Valley Saturday night after the victim refused to sell them drugs without a prescription.

According to Seattle Police Department spokesman Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, it was about 11:30 p.m. on April 28, when three men knocked on the door of the victim’s home near 54th Avenue South and South Roxbury Street—where he operates a medical marijuana grow and dispensary—and asked if they could buy some marijuana.

“The victim spoke with the suspects through the front door of the home, and discovered none of the men had a doctor’s note allowing them to legally purchase prescription pot,” wrote Spangenthal-Lee. “When the victim told the suspects he could not sell them marijuana, one of the suspects tried to force his way through the victim’s front door and was met with a blast of pepper spray from the victim.”

In response, one of the suspects fired several bullets into the victim’s front door before the group fled.

The victim was not injured in the shooting.

Gang Unit detectives are investigating the case.

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