SPD: Mt. Baker Shooting Accidental, Self-Inflicted

MT. BAKER – Seattle Police Department says a 20-year old man accidentally shot himself Wednesday afternoon before riding a bicycle to the Mt. Baker fire station and telling officers he was shot in a drive-by.

It was shortly after 3:30 p.m. yesterday when police responded to a 911 call from Fire Station 30 at 2931 S. Mount Baker Blvd., which sits directly across from Franklin High School.

During their investigation, officers discovered fresh gun powder residue on the inside of the subject’s sweatpants.

The man was treated at the scene and subsequently transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Once there, Gang Unit detectives interviewed the subject and determined that the subject’s gunshot wounds – in his left thigh and left hand – were self-inflicted.

The incident is the second accidental, self-inflicted shooting in the Rainier Valley in as many days.

On Tuesday, a 17-year old shot himself in the leg while riding a Metro bus. He initially told his mother that someone else shot him, but finally came clean to investigators who say that he might face charges for unlawful possession of a fire arm.

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4 Comments on "SPD: Mt. Baker Shooting Accidental, Self-Inflicted"

4 years 1 month ago

I was wondering if maybe it would be good for the general public if I opened up a shooting range for these guys. All I would need is about 600 sq ft.

It could be 40 feet wide with targets at 10-15 feet, you know, baby steps.

South Seattle Cop
4 years 1 month ago

Well, at least their aim is consistent! :-)

NickS I agree with you, but unless he was a convicted felon already, or otherwise prohibited from posessing firearms by something other than age, and unless the firearm was in fact stolen (decent chance of that) unfortunately what we are dealing with here is a string of misdemeanors.

4 years 1 month ago

George: “Handgun rounds don’t typically travel far or through things well, so a random hit on an innocent is unlikely.”?

I get about 187,000 results if I search Google for the phrase, “killed by stray bullet.” I would hazard a guess that most of the incidents reported on came from handguns. Discharging any firearm negligently or criminally in a dense urban environment is a recipe for disaster.

I hope that this man is charged with a felony or multiple felonies; he negligently discharged a firearm and gave a false report to the police, causing a waste of resources and risk to others while police searched for suspects in a drive by that never happened. It’s possible he also possessed a stolen firearm.

4 years 1 month ago

I thought the Rainier Valley Post was indpendent. It would appear from the reporting that it is a subsidiary of that other, fine, web-site, :)

On a more serious note, these incidents, together with other RVP reporting of gang members shooting it out at near point-blank range and not hitting each other, show that they steal guns but do not get training or rehearse with them. This is good for all of us in that they tend to shoot themselves with their own weapon or miss their intended target when they manage to draw without discharging the weapon. Handgun rounds don’t typically travel far or through things well, so a random hit on an innocent is unlikely.

There is also a lesson for the law-abiding. If you are going to get a handgun, you need to get trained and practice with it on a range on a regular basis. If you fail to, the weapon more a hazard to you than a help.