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SPD Searching for Rainier Beach Bank Robber

RAINIER BEACH – Seattle Police are searching Rainier Beach for a man suspected in a south Rainier Valley bank robbery Tuesday afternoon.

According to Seattle Police Department (SPD) spokesperson Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, it was about 1:15 p.m. when the suspect walked into a bank inside a grocery store near 51st Avenue South and Rainier Avenue South, demanded money from a teller and then fled on foot.

“A number of officers are in the area currently looking for the suspect,” wrote Spangenthal-Lee. “[He’s] described as a black male in his 40s, 5-feet, 6-inches tall, 150-pounds, with a small mustache and beard, wearing a green hat, yellow vest and grey shirt.”

If you recognize the suspect, please call 911 and immediately and refer to this incident. Anonymous tips are welcome.

7 comments on “SPD Searching for Rainier Beach Bank Robber

  1. Now that’s ballsy (or desperate). I alway assumed the banks inside grocery stores would not be likely targets for robbery since the get-away would be though a crowded store—that often has a rent-a-cop inside the front door.

  2. Bob R, It has bullet resistant glass. No such thing as bulletproof. Meaning it would likely stop a standard handgun round, but not a specialty round, many multiples of hits, etc., etc. For the casual robber (if there is such a thing) it will stop someone, for a determined attacker with proper equipement, long guns, and specialty rounds, it can be defeated with effort. I.e. it buys some measure of protection and time.

    The guy did not display a gun, according to the police report. The policy of most banks, is that if someone says, “give me the money”, they give it. The idea is to get them to go away without escalating, taking hostages, assaulting anyone, etc. A bank teller in Lower Queen Ann was fired by U.S. Bank sometime back for pursuing a robber out of the building and holding the guy for police.

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