Traffic Stop, Foot Chase, Bucket of Weed, Oh, My!

RAINIER VALLEY – Seattle Police say  that two people were arrested and a five-gallon bucket full of marijuana seized early Tuesday morning in Rainier Beach.

According to Seattle Police Department (SPD) spokesman Jeff Kappel, it was 12:22 a.m. on April 24th when officers stopped a car in the 9800 block of Renton Avenue South for running a red light.

“Just as the suspect vehicle came to a stop two male suspects (the driver and front seat passenger) exited the vehicle and took off running,” wrote Kappel. “Officers gave chase and observed both suspects enter the back door of a house in the 9600 block of 53rd Avenue South.”

He said that additional officers responded to the scene and surrounded the house while others used their patrol car’s public address system and called for all persons inside the house to exit.

“Two females exited the house, one adult female and the other believed to be in her late teens (later determined to be a mother and her daughter),” added Kappel. “The adult female gave consent to search the residence.”

A subsequent search uncovered both male suspects who had run from officers earlier, as well as a five gallon bucket of cut marijuana.

Both suspects were taken into custody and transported to the South Precinct for questioning, while the drugs were seized and placed into evidence.

Kappel said there was no indication that the house was being used for a grow operation, and that officers took statements from both of the females before releasing them.

He also said that officers observed marijuana in plain view inside the suspect’s car which was subsequently impounded and taken to car jail.