Traffic Stop, Foot Chase, Bucket of Weed, Oh, My!

RAINIER VALLEY – Seattle Police say  that two people were arrested and a five-gallon bucket full of marijuana seized early Tuesday morning in Rainier Beach.

According to Seattle Police Department (SPD) spokesman Jeff Kappel, it was 12:22 a.m. on April 24th when officers stopped a car in the 9800 block of Renton Avenue South for running a red light.

“Just as the suspect vehicle came to a stop two male suspects (the driver and front seat passenger) exited the vehicle and took off running,” wrote Kappel. “Officers gave chase and observed both suspects enter the back door of a house in the 9600 block of 53rd Avenue South.”

He said that additional officers responded to the scene and surrounded the house while others used their patrol car’s public address system and called for all persons inside the house to exit.

“Two females exited the house, one adult female and the other believed to be in her late teens (later determined to be a mother and her daughter),” added Kappel. “The adult female gave consent to search the residence.”

A subsequent search uncovered both male suspects who had run from officers earlier, as well as a five gallon bucket of cut marijuana.

Both suspects were taken into custody and transported to the South Precinct for questioning, while the drugs were seized and placed into evidence.

Kappel said there was no indication that the house was being used for a grow operation, and that officers took statements from both of the females before releasing them.

He also said that officers observed marijuana in plain view inside the suspect’s car which was subsequently impounded and taken to car jail.

12 comments on “Traffic Stop, Foot Chase, Bucket of Weed, Oh, My!

  1. The 5 lb bucket of pot has been a pretty popular item at the drive through window of the medical marijuana dispensary. I hear that they are expanding to try out the Jimmie John’s model of speedy delivery by bicycle.

    Next up, spike in bicycle thefts plagues Rainier Valley.

  2. I never understand why anyone with some sort of contraband (bucket of pot, stolen car, outstanding arrest warrants, etc.) would be committing basic traffic infringements like speeding and running red lights. It seems like if you want to avoid the cops one should try not to attract their attention getting pulled over for a traffic stop.

    What are they teaching in crime school these days? They definitely teach that shit at clown college.

  3. If one was driving around with a bucket of weed, wouldn’t one be extra, extra cautious at red lights? Drive the speed limit?

  4. @4 and @5, If they were intelligent, they wouldn’t be doing crime in the first place. Ya think! We give these knuckleheads way too much credit for being rational, thoughtful, and acting in their twisted self-interest. Anyone with intelligence can quickly figure out you make more money over the table and lawfully than illegally.

  5. “Tiffany, You are awfully knowledgeable about market prices for weed.”

    Not really, a 5 gallon bucket is only going to hold a pound or so at most.
    So maybe she meant $3,200.00? But definitely not $32K

    What a couple knuckleheads, they should have painted red stripes down the side and said it was the Family feast bucket from KFC.

  6. Hmm, I thought the bucket of pot was in the house, not the car. But there was also pot in the car as well.

    I was pretty surprised when my hubby wanted to file a copy of his medical marijuana license in the car with the registration and insurance papers. Like the first thing you want to hand a cop when you get pulled over is a document indicating that you might be under the influence. We compromised and put it in the other envelope with the contact and emergency medical information.

  7. Maybe there was more the 5lbs but they smoked it which led to the failure to stop at a red light?

  8. Tom T: Car Jail. :-)

    Weed Prices: there is a reason the weed business is so popular, and so violent. People going into the drug business who choose weed have at least crunched the numbers. The relative overhead prices are so low and the profit yield from harvesting so high, the other drug businesses don’t even compare (to the person selling bulk/wholesale…the guy on the street corner gets the short end of the deal in every drug business, as Neale correctly pointed out).

    The current breeds of cannibis grown in the Pacific Northwest have been cross-bred and spliced over the years to a THC potency so high that a kilo of Washington/BC bud trades 1-for-1 with a kilo of Andean Gold cocaine in California/Northern Mexico. In California a kilo of cocaine runs for about 23 to 26k. Cocaine moves north up I-5, I-15, and I-84. Weed ships south.

    So Tiffany is probably right, depending on how many pounds of cut weed were in the 5-gallon bucket.

    See you at Hempfest. :-)

  9. I’m only coming up with just under $6,500.00 for 2.2 lbs (a kilo) of bud, at least here anyway.

    But that would be wholesale.

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