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SPU Drilling, Testing Soil in Seward Park to Prep for Huge New CSO Storage Tank

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) started preliminary drilling and geophysical work in Seward Park this week in an effort to help evaluate potential sites for a new 2.4 million gallon storage tank that it says will help control combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

The drill rig, about the size of a concrete truck, will drill a roughly six-inch diameter hole to obtain soil and rock samples to test for soil strength and rock quality, while the geophysical work will be done using small trucks and sensors to receive acoustical signals to identify the underlying soil/bedrock surface.

SPU is trying to determine which of two sites in the park are more suitable for the storage facility, either the tennis court/parking lot or the south parking lot.

Work started Mon., June 27, and will continue through next Thur., July 7.

After drilling is complete, SPU says the bore holes will be sealed with backfill or grout and patched to match the road surface.

According to SPU, the proposed facility reduce raw sewage overflows into Lake Washington, improve water quality and public safety in swimming areas and comply with federal and state water quality regulations.

Opponents of the project say that the City can’t afford such an expensive water-quality project at this time.

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2 Comments on "SPU Drilling, Testing Soil in Seward Park to Prep for Huge New CSO Storage Tank"

Tom T
4 years 4 months ago

Man that’s a lot of work for a 2.4 gal tank! :)