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SPU to Construct Underground CSO Storage at Two Lake Washington Blvd. Parking Lots

Andrews Bay

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has announced that it plans to build underground storage at two Lake Washington Blvd. parking lots to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) into Lake Washington.

The lots are located at the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd. and 49th Avenue South and at the intersection of Lake Washington Blvd. and 53rd Avenue South. Both parking lots are within Lake Washington Boulevard Park.

The design process will last from summer 2011 through 2012, with the goal to begin construction on both sites during the summer of 2013.

According to SPU, both sites have passed the environmental review process with no appeals received during the public comment period.

The agency says it will host public meetings in 2012 with the city’s Parks Department to discuss the plans for restoring the parking lots after construction is completed.

Andrews Bay, Seward Park, Lake Washington. Photo/hishma

12 comments on “SPU to Construct Underground CSO Storage at Two Lake Washington Blvd. Parking Lots

  1. How green is green, is pure good enough.

    The city is about to spend 2/3rds of a billion dollar to clean up our water. How could I be against clean water? In fact I am for clean water. I worked as a fireguard in the Seattle Watershed as a student to assure you that fire did not burn down the forests around Chester Morse Lake where we get most of our water. Seattle’s water is so pure you can put it in your care battery, steam iron or autoclave. It comes very close to being distilled water. The source water comes down the Cedar River into Lake Washington.

    There was a time in the 1950s when the lake was beginning to smell. Fish were killed water clarity was about 2 feet. We made changes and the Lake is now pristine. It is cleaner than it was in 1910. It those days logs came down the rivers and disintegrated in the lake. The fish are back. We have a run of salmon; some years over 500,000 come through the lake on the way to spawning ground up river.

    We have duck, geese, seagulls, herons, robins, salmon, bass, perch, turtles etc. Guess what. All those animals poop in the lake. About 15 times a year mankind has a sewer over flow because of heavy rain. The total volume of sewerage overflow going into the lake for a year is 90% rainwater, 10% sewage. The dilution of sewage going into the volume of water in lake Washington is the same a putting one-drop of sewage in 400 gallons of water. Even after spending $650,000,000, we will still have one or two overflows a year.

    The only disease coming out of the lake is swimmers itch. This is due to duck and goose poop, not human waste. The Yakima River, Snake River and Columbia are not this clean. Nor is any other lake in Eastern Washington or most of the country this clean. Scientists come from all over the world to study our very clean pure lake.

    This project is a boondoggle and a very expensive boondoggle. We have 170,000 households in the city to pay off the 2/3rds of a billion dollars over the next 20 years. Even with low interest rates, this project will raise your utility bill and the bill of every household in Seattle by $50 a week for 20 years, maybe more. What is the city council thinking, are any of them able to think and analyze? We could sterilize the lake but we would have to kill off all the fish, bird, turtles etc. and cement in the bottom of the lake and rivers leading into the lake. A healthy lake is not a sterile lake. How clean is clean?

  2. Whats $650,000,000 amongst friends?

    It’s not like we have failing schools, potholes everywhere, gangs, a sh*tty transit system, homeless people everywhere, hungry people everywhere.

    Do we?

  3. The CSO Reduction Program is required by federal and state laws to reduce raw sewage overflows into Lake Washington, Lake Union, the Ship Canal, and Puget Sound by 2025. It is not legal to channel drainage and wastewater funds to pay for programs, projects, or services provided by other city departments via the general fund.

    While our drinking water comes from a pristine source, the Cedar River Watershed, the water we are trying to manage is the rain that falls in large enough volumes to cause sewage overflows in the combined system.

    The system normally channels flows to the treatment plant, but during times of intense rain the system capacity is overwhelmed and CSOs occur. Most people are not aware that untreated sewage is overflowing into local waterways, but, when they learn of it, they support using drainage and wastewater rates to stop it from happening. And, ultimately, we must comply with the state and federal laws that follow from the Clean Water Act.

  4. Again, give us a discription of how clean the lake is and compare that to where it was in 1910 before there was much impact from mankind. The lake is clean and the biggest source of contaminants are the 500,000 salmon and thousands of ducks, geese and seagulls. The lake is one of the cleanest in the country.

    When you start diappering the ducks and geese to say nothing of the fish it might make sense. Tell the feds to pay for it or stuff it. It will cost each household over $10,000 to $15,000 in increased fees and will have no significant effect. The water will not me more clear or have fewer bacteria.

    The city has many major problems this is not one of them.

  5. Fred, you’re inflating the price drastically. 2/3 of billion dollars is 666 million. This project is supposed to cost about 24.2 million. The bulk of it is already done.

    Mark, you do understand that the money for this is coming out of the wastewater rates, right? You can’t take money from one pot to pay for programs in another pot. That’s the way government works.

  6. these projects are just in the design stage. They are all over the city. 24 is their low ball figure. These folks at one point were going to take 7 waterfront homes South of Seward Park. They stated they could buy all 7 for 6 million. The County Assessor had them valued at 24 million. The owners stated, Increase that by 50 % and we might consider selling. If their cost estimate is this far off, these could be projects could come in over 3 Billion.

    This cost is to clean a lake that is in better condition than it was in 1910 and the biggest source of contamination is the wild life found in on and under the lake.

  7. Have they fixed the problems in New Holly Phase 1 yet, where some of the homes sewage lines were tied into the storm water drain that runs directly into the lake rather than the line to the treatment plant?

  8. Fred, the combined sewer overflow project has been going on forty years. This is the final phase.

    You’re baseing your 666 million dollar figure on a handful of botched real estate estimates? Really?

    What this project is doing is cleaning the lake up for projected growth. Many of these single family neighborhoods are going to become denser. That’s inevitable. Even in South Seward Park, former estates have been carved up into plats of several McMansions.

    If this isn’t fixed, your dropper of sewage in the 400 gallon tank will increase to a spoon, then a cup, then a gallon, etc, and we’ll be back where we were forty years ago.

  9. I once heard it said that from the east side, mercer island residents’ garbage disposals were exiting their waste directly into the lake, contributing to the large rat population swimming around – large as in numbers and girth. Urban legend?

  10. Dear Neighbor,
    Please get the CSO estimates. They are on line. The high figure is $626,508,000 for the work yet to be done. This is not the figure for what has been done in the past. From their webpage $625,508,000 for project cost (AACE Level5) Low ball is $181,575,000. Their “Estimated Project Cost $303,460,000″ Do you know of any city project that has come in on budget, I do not? 2/3rds of a Billion is probably close. If you look at their figure for the houses they were talking about taking they were off by a factor of 4-6. If they are that bad at estimates, why should we believe any figure they present us?

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