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The End of an Era: Silver Fork to Close May 31


RAINIER VALLEY – Despite massive public outcry, a south-end institution is preparing to close later this year so Safeway can build a new gas station on the corner of Rainier Avenue South and South Charlestown Street.

The Silver Fork has announced that they will close their current location on May 31, 2013, and are in the process of trying to relocate:

Much love to all our faithful and loyal customers you guys have been great and very supportive. Keep us in your prayers that we will relocate and continue to serve you.

Many in the community were outraged last summer when it was announced that the restaurant was preparing to close and promised to let Safeway and the City’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) know how they felt.

Nonetheless, it appears that the project – which includes a retail kiosk, four fuel pumps, a 2,610 square-foot canopy and the installation of two 20,000-gallon underground storage tanks – will proceed as planned later this year.

The Silver Fork is located at 3800 Rainier Avenue South. Photo/Rainier Valley Post

9 comments on “The End of an Era: Silver Fork to Close May 31

  1. I’m okay with it leaving…food was mediocre at best, and the service slow and surly.

  2. @Ruby Van
    Agreed. Had S/F been anything better than mediocre I might have been compelled to visit more than the two or three times I have in the 15 years I’ve been living nearby.
    Still, I’m sorry to see something with local character being replaced by a gas station(?!) of all things. Not at all the direction I’d like to see Rainier Ave go.

  3. I gave them 3 chances and every time time it was THE WORST service I have ever had. Good riddance.

  4. I have always received warm,friendly service. The buzz of folks greeting each other melded into the gospel music on Sunday mornings. Enjoyed poached eggs and grits. No need for mean comments.

  5. It was a truthful comment. 3 visits, 3 cold to luke warm breakfasts, The last time about 15 minutes after we ordered, a couple came in (I’ll call them Mario & Rhonda since that’s thier names) and my friend knew them and said a quick hello.

    They were then seated and placed thier orders. About 10 or so minutes later they were served and we were still waiting. About 5 minutes later they brought my breakfast fu*king cold and brought out part of my friend’s breakfast,also cold. They brought the rest of his order in stages luke warm(WTF is that about?).

    So definitely not getting a good review here.

    Too bad, our area could use a good no frills breakfast spot.

  6. My demeanor was wait to be seated and ordered, no problem there, it was the service that sucked.

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