Two Teen Burglars Caught in Rainier Valley

RAINIER VALLEY – Two teenagers were arrested last week in connection with a home burglary in the Brighton neighborhood.

Police say it was 9:30 am on February 10th, when South Precinct officers responded to 911 calls of two young men going door to door and acting suspiciously in the 5100 block of South Spencer Street near South Orcas Street.

As they arrived, the officers heard a home alarm going off and saw two boys running away from the house.

Officers said they checked the home and found that it had been burglarized. The two suspects, ages 13 and 15, were detained nearby with evidence of the burglary in their possession, and were subsequently arrested and booked into the Youth Services Center.

The arrests come just days after Seattle Police Department (SPD) announced that 70% of recent street robberies and home burglaries in the area have involved teenagers.